What I Wear-Purple Vest, Skirt Wearing Tips And A Challenge!

I thought right about now might be a good time to give some tips for wearing skirts more. 
I wear skirts about 90% of the time-for one reason or another I end up wearing jeans on occasion. I don't think there's anything wrong with wearing pants, for me it's a personal choice. It's not a "Hey! Everyone needs to wear skirts, because pants are wicked!" 
About two/three years ago I felt like God was leading me to wear more skirts. Again, this isn't a "super spiritual me" statement-just my personal choice. 

I do, however, think that skirts are effortlessly feminine! I've often reflected on different musical movies and thought "This movie would never be the same if these ladies were in pants!" I'll be first to admit though, those shoes they wore were ridiculous and I'm sure many of them got a sprained ankle for the efforts!

As you've been reading my blog, or maybe Olivia's or Callie's (both of whom are lovely ladies who wear skirts a majority of the time) you might be curious about how you can take steps toward wearing skirts more often. Or maybe you already wear skirts-maybe you'll still find some helpful tips! 

Here it goes:
  • I have essential skirts that I can't live without! They include functional skirts that go with a variety of items and get many uses during the week/month. To start wearing skirts, it's a good idea to get one or two skirts that go with just about every shirt in your closet! For me, these skirts include: a knee length denim skirt, long denim skirt, a brown skirt (made of cotton for more casual outfits, but easily dressed up) and a white skirt. 
  • Time. Time. Time. When you first start wearing skirts, you'll find some shirts won't look right with your skirt. That's ok! Just keep searching till it looks right! I find fitted shirts look better with flowy, flared skirts. Tighter, straighter fit skirts, go with more loosely fitted shirts. 
  • During the Winter, tights are great! However, I find leggings to be warmer. Pair them with nice cozy socks (or two pairs!) and an adorable pair of boots and you're ready to brave the cold weather head on! 
  • Simplicity is your friend! Go with plain, non-printed skirts. I made the mistake of purchasing way too many patterned skirts (hey, I'm learning too!) that only go with a couple things in my closet. BUY PLAIN SKIRTS!
  • Walk like a lady. Seriously! This is a biggy! You're dressed like a lady, walk like one. Don't sit with your legs spread (even if you have leggings on!), carry yourself like a daughter of the One true King should! 
  • Don't be afraid to just wear a jean skirt for like a month straight-it happens! (not that I have experience in this area or anything.....
  • Lastly, but certainly not least! Smile. If you have a not so cute outfit on, a smile can change that so-so outfit into a splendid display of fashion! (freals!) 
And that's it! Simple answer: just do it. 
I'll leave you with this: I double dog dare you to wear skirts/dresses for the next week! I even made you this nifty little button for your blog:

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bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">
DaKpuJHoy2g/s1600/skirtchallenge.jpg" />

Then come back November 7th (or a little later!) and tell me how it went! Did you feel any different wearing skirts? Did people treat you any different? Were skirts/dresses harder to wear than pants?

Who's taking my challenge?!....


  1. I like your vest - it looks so comfy. These are good points but I have to disagree a bit with the patterned skirts. If you have a lot of plain tops and the skirt has more than two colors, you can have a lot of options. Of course you'll want some plain skirts to go with patterned tops but I wouldn't ban print skirts. Often they are more feminine and the patterns can be more cheerful and fun, not to mention if I or one of my little ones spills on my lap, prints don't show stains or dirt as much. When I buy a new piece of clothing, 90% of the time I try to be sure there are at least two things in the closet already that I can wear with the item. I wear skirts most of the time and I think my biggest challenge is shoes. Here it is so warm still that I can't break out the boots. Many shoes are just too dressy for day to day wear, especially since I don't walk well in heels so I only use them for really special occasions. But a lot shoes don't go with the skirts I own, kind of the way you were saying some tops just don't go with some skirts.

    1. Chrissy-
      Thanks for helping me clarify! I wasn't "banning" printed skirts, by any means!
      I love my patterned skirts, but the kind I have are like, my red skirt with a black print...basically black is all I can pair with it! So yes, printed skirts are awesome!
      I was pointing out that to START wearing skirts, plain, sensible, go with everything skirts are best!
      Thanks for your comments, they're always appreciated!

    2. Here I am jumping in on this convo. :)
      I just wanted to give you some ideas for your shoe situation. Look for flats! Shoes with straps tend to give a simple defined look to longer skirts too! Clogs (I love Danskos) may help in the fall and early summer.. These shoes are somewhat expansive- look for them at thrift stores and such!


  2. Nice outfit Natasha! The colors look splendid on you! :)
    The 'helps' are perfectly put! Great job!
    I don't wear pants as a general rule- I have not worn pants strait for about 3 years! But I know were you are coming from and I think that this challenge will be a great help to many girls!
    Thanks for your time on the button! I will be adding it to our main blog page for sure!
    And though I don't wear pants- does that still include me ? :) I will a joining you! :)


  3. Cute outfit and great tips! I have them to be helpful for me as well. And I think it's time for another brown skirt....Heh heh. :)

  4. Yes to this "I find fitted shirts look better with flowy, flared skirts. Tighter, straighter fit skirts, go with more loosely fitted shirts."

    I like your bun and your scarf! The look is super cozy.

    I do have a lot of solid colored skirts, and they go nicely with so many things!

    PS. Beachbody Les Mills Body Combat is the same Les Mills that made my Body Flow program :)


  5. Oh, how desperately I need to get back into wearing skirts! Jeans just become routine after so long. I think I will do this :)

    Hannah =)

  6. Hey Natasha! I love the message you're spreading with your blog. Glad to see that more and more Christians are starting blogs! A great way to spread the News of Jesus. By the way, I love the vest. Adorable- looks great on you too! Feel free to check out my fashion blog and tell me what you think!

    Ashley B.

  7. I loved this post! Over the past year or two I've felt lead to wear skirts more, and I do agree they are effortlessly feminine. At first I got a lot of negative response from my wearing skirts. People at my church thought I was trying to be 'better' than them. Others thought I'd gone off the deep end of being ultra conservative. Not to mention that it really confused a lot of people when they saw I wore skirts most of the time and my sisters didn't. For me its just a personal choice I felt lead by God to make. Now it feels weird if I go more than a day without wearing a skirt.


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