What I Fall 2013 Review!

Who doesn't love a dress with pockets?!

I seriously feel like Lucille Ball in this dress! It's absolutely stunning! From the lovely flared skirt of the dress, to the two nifty pockets in front and the contrasting hemline-it's perfect! And what vintage inspired dress couldn't use a few polka dots?! Not to mention it fits like a dream (I didn't have it custom fitted this time, just went by the size chart).   

If you haven't yet heard of eShakti-you've been missing out! On top of offering a wide range of sizes (0-36W) they also have a handy tool for all of us modest fashionistas-power. Seriously! I was able to choose the length of this skirt (you can choose between Knee length, above the knee, or calf length and enter your height). I also chose the v-neck (didn't get a picture, but I think you know what it looks like...a v-neck of course!) and 3/4 sleeves. Did I mention you can have the dress custom made to fit your unique body for $7? Yep! 
Honestly, this review is naturally flowing with positive elements and an outpouring of beautiful words towards this company. I'm super pleased with this dress and can't wait to wear it on many more occasions! 

The only downside is that these dresses are way out of my price range. I tend to be a cheapskate and don't spend much on clothes! Which is why I nearly screamed with excitement when their email came through offering me a review item! Thanks for allowing me to review this dress! 

I'm Wearing: 
Dress-C/O Eshakti //Scarf-Forever 21 $10//Boots-Forever 21 $20//Leggings-Target (ancient) 

In case you're wondering-I did NOT receive any compensation for this post, other than the dress. So these are MY views and opinions, not the company's opinions coming out of my mouth. All views are my own.  


  1. Ooh, that dress is beautiful!! I love the polka dots and the skirt...and everything about it, I guess. If you're ever in my area, there's a Goodwill that often gets eshakti dresses. The last time I was there, I found three! I didn't end up getting any, since they were all similar colors/styles to dresses already in my closet, but I can't say I was not severely tempted!

    decked out in ruffles

  2. That dress is beautiful! You did a great styling job too.
    What an amazing site! I've definitely never seen any other place where you can customize what you order. :)

  3. Beautiful! Natasha, you look great! I think you've lost some weight! You go girl!;)

  4. This is a terrific outfit! It might be my favorite that you've ever done. I would love to get this dress, but like you, I don't spend a lot on clothes usually.

  5. Love this Natasha! The colors are just so.perfect.for you!
    Your hair looks radiant!


  6. This is a lovely dress, you've styled it so well!

  7. I love this dress and love how you styled it! Love finding fellow modest bloggers!

    Lauren from Modern Modesty

  8. Yay! This dress looks absolutely gorgeous on you! I had the pleasure of reviewing a dress from them a while back too! I love mine a lot. Same here with the price range. Yikes! However, with the custom tailoring, I think that's worth it.

    Oh and about your comment on the yoga, I don't really buy into the "religion" part of that whole thing, as you probably suspected. Yoga is a lot of stretching and strength work, which has improved my back and flexibility a lot. When you're flexible and have a good core, your back tends to hurt less! When you're getting older, that tends to happen :-/


  9. Natasha! I just love that dress!!! I am a total polka dot freak....and that dress is just adorable! Great scarf choice.....looks great! :)

  10. Gorgeous outfit!! I love your boots - they are perfect for this outfit! Love it! keep up the awesome work!! :)


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