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Have you ever thought about blogging as something God calls you to? I hadn't until the other day! My dad (also known as pastor) was preaching about stepping back and asking God how we're doing. Obviously He doesn't expect perfection, but if we truly love Him, we should seek to please Him. I emphasize should because I know for me personally, I have seasons where I definintely don't please Him. It's a constant journey that won't stop till we see Him face to face for eternity. 

As I was thinking about what God had given me in my life to be a steward of, the one that stuck with me was blogging! No, I'm not trying to make my blog into some "special" blog that obviously nobody else could make! I'm not perfect, my blog isn't special-the only thing that is different for me, is that I believe God led me to start it. 

But I feel like I've been a bit neglectful of writing meaningful material. This is an amazing platform to share Christ and how He's changed my life, as well as my struggles. I suppose you could say this is a "resolution" of sorts.

Does this mean every post from now on will be epiphany filled? Sorry, no. It means I promise to try harder to be a good steward of this gift God has given me. To post quality versus quantity...and try not wear sweats so! 

How about you? Any resolutions for 2014? 

In case you're wondering...
Burgendy shirt-Target $7// necklace Forever21-$10// Floral print skirt-Macys $5// Boots-Forever 21 $20// hat-? Hand me down


  1. So nice Natasha! I love the hat! :)
    I hear you about the blogging!

  2. Hi there! Just found your blog! What I love about Jesus is that we can only be perfect through Him. He gives us His grace and by tapping into that we get power to become better and do His will! I think blogging has become a powerful platform for me to share Christ so I completely understand what you mean! I know that there is so much negativity and evil on the web that it's great to see people share Jesus! We all need Him!

    So continue being a good steward ! :)

  3. I definitely think there's a great responsibility and a great opportunity that comes through the chance of serving God and being a blessing in other's lives through the seemingly simple act of blogging!

  4. Your dad's a pastor? I didn't know that. Caddie is right! That hat is adorable. I think blogging is a tool that God has given me to reach other people. I just have to figure out how.... HELP!! ~smile~
    Anyway, God bless and have a great day!
    Teen for the Lord

  5. Great thoughts. I appreciated hearing that.

    I saw on your last blog post that you went shopping in Bozeman. As in Bozeman, Montana? I have a friend who lives there! Small world.

  6. Awhile back after hearing a message at NAVS of God placing us in different areas of the world for different purposes, I realized he placed me in blogging, too! It may not be ministry, or missions, or anything else...but my blog has a purpose and I've been so surprised at that even by the little things I share with having to do with God impacts people in ways. So awesome to see and feel. God has blessed you and I with our blogs! x

  7. Wonderful outfit Natasha, I like it:)



  8. you are looking so thin! also, I love your boots

  9. Hey skinny Minnie! ;-)

    Absolutely. Blogging is just another form of writing, and writing can have very powerful and life changing words to live by and used to inspire others. Let everything we do be for the Lord, and certainly blogging is part of what we do.

    Happy new year!



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