What I Wear-slip extender an 10%off! shouldn't talk too soon about high speed! After just a day or two of using the high speed (metered) we found out the computer is using too many GBs. So...I'm back to dial-up! Oh well! Teaches me patience! Unfortunately, it also taught me that AOL won't load Blogger all...

So I apologize to Kris who sent me this beautiful slip skirt/dress extender! I would've had the photos and review up sooner, had the internet not hated me for the past week....
Now onto the good stuff!

This slip extender is exactly what I've been needing! It adds that extra length which is lacking in so many dresses and skirts which are just a bit too short! Not to mention it also adds warmth!
Before this slip extender (as many of you know) I was wearing an actual skirt under my dresses that were too short. With this slip, the fabric is light and breathable and will be perfect to wear this summer under dresses without burning up! 
 They come in a variety of colors, I chose white. But black would be my second choice, obviously it depends on your personal wardrobe colors.There's also a lovely selection of different hemline choices (ruffled is what I'm wearing) she also has lace and 30's style flapper ruffles and such. Psssstt...they come in up to size 3XL! YAY!

I was also pleasantly surprised to find out Kris used to live in Montana! Such a small world sometimes, even in the huge world of blogging!

I'll stop blabbering about how awesome this slip extender is! Just go check her Etsy site out!
Kolouri-Modest clothing, slip extenders, leggings and more!

Enter code "BLOGSPECIAL" to receive 10%off your order!


  1. Beautiful outfit!!! LOVE your skirt AND the extra length of the extender is wonderful.

    Oh, side note, that first picture of you is drop-dead-dreamy-gorgeous. Seriously, you are so lovely!

    Sorry about your speedy-internet experience being so difficult... maybe someday, right???


  2. Stunning Natasha!
    Thanks for the coupon code.Even though I do most of my own sewing for slips and such, I will have a look at her shop for sure!

  3. Beautiful outfit, Natasha! I can totally tell you've lost weight. You look lovely. :)


  4. Love this outfit! And, I can't help but comment on how amazingly CLEAR your skin looks! Beautiful, girl. :) I hope your internet gets up and going soon, because I love reading these posts! I can't believe you blog with dial-up! I wouldn't have the patience. Blessings!

  5. I just wear a black tulle skirt under a lot of dresses to add extra length AND volume, but it would be nice to have something that was actually made for that purpose!

  6. Love your outfit, especially the lace and beautiful jewelry! I really enjoy your blog so far and would love to follow each other--please join my GFC and I'll follow you right back!


    xo Jess

  7. I like your hairstyle in these pictures. :)

  8. Oh wow, that is such a stellar idea for a product! That necklace is so eye catching and looks very lovely on you. You're looking so slim, sista! ;-)


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