What I Wear-Casual And High Speed Internet!

Hey all! So I've decided I will be posting every Tuesday now. I'm hoping if I take outfit photos every Sunday, then weekly posts will be a breeze!

My family has entered the 21st century-yes, you guessed it! We got rid of the dial-up! So doing today's post was so easy! Normally photos take about an hour to load 8 photos. With the new connection? Um...under a minute?! So this is why everyone else can post faster than me! LOL! Anyway, I'll be more inclined to post if it won't take me all day!

I'm Wearing:
Tribal print shirt-Target $5// Long Sleeves-C/O Halftee// Skirt-Thrifted $3.99//Boots-Forever 21 $20


  1. Very, very pretty! I especially love the second picture of you! Loveliness!

    How fun that you have finally joined us in the quick-and-easy dimension of internet! :-) Makes me feel bad about how impatient I am when my pictures don't load in 30 seconds or less... :-P Oh my, the things we take for granted!

    Love to you!

  2. Love this outfit! Your hair is so pretty. :)

    Yeah, pictures load up in like 10 seconds for me. Glad its faster for you! Awesome. Looking forward to your weekly posts. :)


  3. Such a cool outfit. And look at the snow!
    Congrats(?) on the internet upgrade. My family did it a few years ago. :)

  4. You look SO good Natasha! I can tell you have lost a lot of weight. So pretty! Love the outfit!

  5. Ooh, it looks like you've got some snow! :D
    I like your skirt. This summer I got one almost exactly like at a thrift store, but it's a bit too long, and is waiting to be hemmed.

  6. Love your printed shirt girl! those colors look great on you! and your hair looks mighty fabulous too. :) Haha, yay for high speed internet! I've certainly become a lot more grateful for those kinds of convienences since moving to a place where it's limited. ;)


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