What I Wear-Pinterest Syndrome

Many of us are familiar with what I will refer to as "Pinterest Syndrome."
"What is Pinterest Syndrome?" You ask. It's the feeling you get after trying something off a board you've been hoarding away for months, only to find looks nothing like that picture!
I had this recently! We tried making some fried cheese sticks off Pinterest, let's just leave it with; they turned into a heap of cheese covered in almond flour. Period. Moving on...
Pinterest is a great place to be "pin-spired," but honestly, sometimes it just leaves you with Pinterest Syndrome. Feelings of inadequacy and frustration easily surface in our lives. Unlike Pinterest, God never gives you a picture of something to accomplish, without the strength to follow through and complete it. Sometimes it can feel impossible in the midst of struggles and difficulties to believe that God can give us strength. If we're to rely on feelings alone, you can bet we'll fail! But remember, with God, all things are possible! You no longer have to experience Pinterest Syndrome in life, dream big with God and complete His "picture" of your life. 
Have you ever had "Pinterest Syndrome?"  
And in case you're curious:
I wore this dress back in May HERE.

I'm wearing: Hat-Kmart $5//Dress-C/O Dellasuza//Black $25//


  1. This outfit is very flattering on you. I could easily see the difference in your weight. Keep up the good work!
    Teen for the Lord

  2. SO pretty Natasha! Your hair looks so gorg! :)
    So true about PInterest! ahah..


  3. So pretty... and I really want to encourage you! I can SEE the difference in you since you've started THM. I always thought you were a lovely young woman, but if losing weight is something that is making you feel healthier and happier, I just wanted you to know that the change is visible and you look wonderful! :-) I'm actually doing my own "version" of THM. Fun stuff!

    Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh... I know I've suffered from wanting a Pinterest life at times. :-) Thankfully God gives us each our own style (not just in clothes, but in life!) and creativity. Not every outfit I wear or day-to-day housework should be on the internet (I'm just sayin'... I have my sweatpants and dirty-kitchen days).

    God bless, my friend!

  4. You are looking very slim and this is a really flattering outfit.

  5. What a pretty dress! I like how you layered it.
    I don't have Pinterest (so far) but I've tried my share of recipes from magazines and cook books that turned out disheartening. ;) Thanks for the reminder of the Lord's faithfulness!

  6. What a pretty dress! I like how you layered it.
    I don't have Pinterest (so far), but I've tried plenty of disheartening recipes from cooking magazines and books. ;) Thanks for the reminder of the Lord's faithfulness!

  7. I made fried cheese sticks a couple of years ago too! It turned out flat and unevenly coated :-( I know how that is. I wish I could do it all over. I think I'll be better, but I won't make anything fried anymore because of health reasons.

    Lovely dress!

  8. Seriously this is one of my all-time favorite outfits of yours Natasha! I love the print and your accessories! you look so fabulous! And I can totally see results of your THM lifestyle. You look so amazingly toned and slim. :) And taller too, haha. :D

  9. OMD!!! I was casually looking over my blogger news-feed and i saw this post. first picture - i thought you were Taylor Swift!!!! lol!!!
    and with the Pinterest, i've had a few of those moments....!!


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