Controversial Topic And Kate Middleton Boots

I'm wearing: scarf-$? Claire's// Sky blue shirt-target $7// pants-Aeropostale $5// boots- Herbergers $37!             
Pants are one of those controversial items within modesty circles. And you know me, I'm not one to shy away from controversial subjects! For me personally, I wear skirts a great majority of the time, but this in no way means that I believe pants are somehow "wrong" or "inappropriate." 

I believe in Godly femininity! What does that mean? Well, basically, I try to never wear outfits a guy would wear! For the most part, that means skirts. They're effortlessly feminine, not to mention I'm rather old fashioned and I love the way skirts look in general! 
But sometimes a girl just "feels" like wearing pants, ya know? 

For awhile I struggled with whether it was okay for me personally to wear pants sometimes. An article I read really nailed it down for me (sorry, I can't remember where I read it). The basic thing I came away with was that femininity and even modesty look different for each generation! For instance, guys back in Biblical times wore our equivalent of dresses! And were I to don my calf length  dress in the 1800's, my ankles alone would be considered improper! 

So those are my reasonings! How about your's? 

This is a typical casual, yet cute outfit I like to wear. I scored these awesome black "Kate Middleton" inspired boots at Herbergers for only $37! I just about fell over when the cashier told me total! What a great price! 

Leave a comment with your personal reasons behind clothing convictions! 


  1. I like the outfit....nice. :) I am still looking for a pair of nice brown boots!

  2. Pretty outfit, Natasha. The shirt color is lovely on you! And your wind-blown hair is gorgeous! :-)

    I tend to wear more pants than skirts myself (at least this time of year; when it's warmer I tend to go about 50/50 with skirts and pants). I think pants can be very flattering and even feminine when worn correctly. PLUS, they actually can be more modest than skirts in some circumstances (for instance, jumping on a trampoline... learned that the hard way... or even riding a bike.... yes, I learned that from experience too right in the middle of town). :-P All of that to say: I love skirts and I love pants. :-D


  3. I appreciate what you said. Most of the blogs I read are skirts only blogs. I myself wear pants, and sometimes find skirt fashion a little hard for me to identify with. To see that there are other young women who wear pants and still dress modestly is refreshing.:)
    Cute outfit by the way!:)

  4. Cute boots and scarf! I personally do not believe pants are modest and only wear skirts. But I like getting ideas from all your skirt posts. :)

  5. Those are awesome boots! :D
    I try to wear skirts and dresses most of the time, but I also wear pants (actually, since winter has begun, I've been wearing them more often than usual!). Usually I try to wear them with looser tops and make sure I look feminine, which isn't hard with my wardrobe. I also don't like jeans that are very tight and have a pair of skinny jeans that I have decided to wear exclusively with boots.
    Thanks for posting your opinion! :) I think it's definitely one of those things that God convicts women about personally.

  6. I don't wear pants hardly, but that is because I am self-conscious because I carry too much weight in my legs...I will have to wait and see if I lose weight to decide about following my conscience on pants; it is really the back side issue that is the modesty issue all women's pants are shaped otherwise they would be very unfeminine unless they were super flowy. Olivia at Fresh Modesty had a good idea with wearing long tops. I would look dumb because my legs are already disproportionately short; maybe high low tops would work.

    I think you have to be very careful with the cultural argument because humans are sinful, so the culture is as well. And during certain periods the culture is worse such as Greco-Roman culture and modern culture with all the perversion. Anything can seem feminine by comparison or simply because many girls wear it, but that does not make it feminine at all. I live in a sloppy dressing part of the nation, so there is a lot of unintentional androgyny, but a lot of the more "hip" people are more intentional since current styles (such as the hideous short hair cut which people try to feminize by call it "pixie"-it is a boy cut really, don't kid yourself) and skinny jeans for all. I think more than modesty is at stake. The whole concept of femininity is as well because men's basic styles have been the same for a long time, but since the feminist movement women have changed to much more male styles; for example, pants and short hair (all older women seem to have short hair, spring off from that new craze in the early-mid 20th century). And women's styles have been faaaaar more masculinized than men's have been feminized; skinny jeans for men aren't very masculine but they are a version of pants (and similar to some old styles...tights...though I recommend neither...modesty goes for men too even though the Bible addresses women mainly!), but pants for women and short hair are drastic differences from the major historical type of women's clothing.

    Also, I don't think robes and dresses should be equated. The Bible (Deuteronomy sorry don't remember the verse) obviously recognized differences between male and female dress. Women also wore head coverings and men had beards. I know people dismiss this verse by saying, "I buy clothes from the women's section," but that is only a literal obedience. I think one needs to look at the spirit of the verse. There is some reason to follow culture sometimes generally (e.g. we don't need to go back to wearing whatever they wore in Biblical times), but we have to realize that culture is evil and that sin pervades everything often subtly such as the slow (at first, much faster recently) blurring of Biblical roles and anything connected to them such as concepts of masculinity and femininity.

    I am sorry that this was so long and quite scrambled, but it was something I had already considered today and many other times recently.

  7. Love the boots!
    I grew up wearing skirts all the time, even then it was preference on my part, simply because they are so comfortable for me and they make me feel good. I do wear pants, but only for stuff like moving furniture, ice skating, serious cleaning, and heavy yardwork. I don't have any real problem with them myself if they are modest pants, which I believe exist. Skirts are just my personal everday preference. So, I find myself mostly concerned with tops and how to wear them modestly.
    Thank you for sharing your opinions!

  8. I think I appeared to say in my first comment that all pants are unfeminine. That is legalism, and I didn't mean to come across that way. I do own jeans and velveteen pants myself (as well as various ugly workout pants which I did not buy for myself) after all. I just think that we have to spend extra time on making sure we are BOTH very feminine AND modest in pants. I have been wondering about how to do that with my pants (if I ever lose weight...the pants are way too tight to fit and/or be modest by any real standard right now :P).

  9. I debated this subject greatly at the end of last year with a group of friends. We grew up as skirts/dresses wearers mainly for personal preference. We are all Christians and attend church regularly but religious reasons did not dictate being skirts only wearers. One of my friends decided to buy some pants and that started the debate as to whether others should join her. Her pants were modest in cut and she kept saying how comfortable they were. After another of my friends bought a pair of pants, I decided I would buy some.

    I bought a pair of black dress pants and they really felt weird when I started to wear them. They were surprisingly comfortable and I gave them a modest look by wearing them with a tunic when in public.

    I suppose I wear pants about twice a week and I am still predominantly a skirt wearer. I do some part time book keeping and wear pants to the office as most of the other women wear pants to work.

    I am debating buying my first ever pair of jeans. I am still undecided. I don't like the image of skinny jeans but may consider some more modest styles. I like the look of Levis and some of the vintage styles.

    If anyone has any thoughts I would welcome them.

    1. Hi Rebecca!
      When I wear jeans, I actually wear boys jeans! I know this sounds vary unfeminine, but they are usually more modest! And they don't have the stuff on the hind end like the girls' ones do. :)
      I hope that helps!
      Bubbles and blessings!

    2. Thanks Ellie. I have just started to follow your Blog. Your outfits are really lovely! I look forward to seeing how you look in jeans. I expect I will buy some jeans soon but had never considered buying boy's jeans.

    3. Aww! Thanks! I think I try to do a post on pants sometime! :D

  10. Hey Natasha!

    LOVE the outfit! So cute....And the boots are just perfect! Kate Middleton is such a big role model for me because she is such a lady and dresses quite modest! Thanks for posting...looking forward to your next!

    Like No Other Fashion:
    Ashley B

  11. I love the scarf! I've recently found your blog, and I'm glad you wear parents. You prove to girls out there that you can wear pants and still look modest. I know that everyone has their own beliefs on whether or not pants or modest, but if worn in a feminine and flattering way, they CAN look good! Great post. ;)

  12. Really cute outfit, I love the scarf and boots!


  13. I agree! Though, I usually try to cover my hind end for modesty reasons, and, that some of my pants are to tight. :P I try to wear a tunic or have a sweater wrapped around my wast. :D
    Bubbles and Blessings!

  14. Great score on the boots.


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