Breaking My Own Rules-Oh Yeah! Major Rebel Alert!

I'm going to excuse myself from the lack of posting by saying that I truly have been  very busy! I promise you, no lies. A hazard of getting older is less time on my plate. 

I've never quite understood those people who always want to be older than they currently are! I'm happy at the age I am, thank you very much (btw I'm refusing to acknowledge my upcoming big "two o" this year *shudders*) 

So I'm totally breaking my own fashion rules here ladies (black with brown)! But it just seemed to "go", very rarely do outfits pop out like that for me. Lately I've been having a particularly hard time getting dressed! I can't seem to come up with outfits for the transition weather I'm currently in, it's either too warm (like a sweater) or too flimsy (like my sheer skirts). 

How do you transition from Winter to Spring?

I'm wearing: light blue jean jacket-Vanity $10// striped black and white shirt-Rue 21 $3// skirt-thrifted $3.99// boots-Rue 21 $5//


  1. I like this look! :D My Winter to Spring transition involves lots of layering. Haha! Also, I might wear shoes other than my boots...occasionally.

  2. I'm having the same dilemma as well. It's gotten a lot harder to sit and write a post, because of so much going on in my life.
    I love your outfit! I think you paired black and brown very nicely!! ^-^

  3. Feeling your pain.....this half-half weather is making it hard for me too-
    Black & brown is a no-go for me too but you are right....this outfit just works. I would totally wear it!


  4. I just had to comment on the black and brown rule thing...:P I personally love how black and brown look together (well...most of the times at least) and I think you also look very cute in it. I was once wearing something very similar to what you have on and I had a "fashionable" person tell me that I am totally breaking the rules and I should never wear black and brown. For a while I didn't (cause I didn't want to be made fun of) but then I thought that if I like it I should wear it. So I did...and I actually think that some outfits looks super cute with both colors blending together. Nevertheless, I love your outfit and your look very lovely! =)

  5. You're right--the black + brown really does "go" in this instance! :) You look lovely :)

    walking in the air.


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