Giveaway-Be The Light Christian Tees!

Ever heard of Well now you have! They contacted me and asked me to do a review for them! The tee shirts are awesome! Appear to be nice quality, not to mention great sayings!
So today I have a giveaway for you! 
I'm giving away this red "stand firm" shirt to one lucky reader! 
This giveaway is ONLY open to my US readers (sorry!) 
The shirt is size M (adult) it fits more like a L. 

To qualify: you must follow my blog through GFC (please leave your screen name if it's different from the name you're commenting with). And leave a comment with your favorite Bible verse!
Enter in the giveaway widget below:
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They sent me some awesome shirts, my favorite being this purple one! Hey, for $14 we could be twinsys! ; ) 
I love that the shirts are reasonably priced! I've always thought t-shirts with Christian sayings on them are great-sort of like a giant billboard saying you're a christian! 
(back of shirt)


  1. Cool T-shirts! I want to join the giveaway. I believe my GFC is the same as my comments but I think you know who I am anyway. ☺


  2. A mix & match series? That is something I want to do in the future!

  3. Fun! Love the t-shirts. Purple is a good color on you.

    Future posts? Perhaps some more diet posts! ;)

    Rebecca Rash

  4. Thanks for doing this giveaway, Natasha! One of my favorite Bible verses (I can't pick just one!) is Romans 12:21: "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." Actually, I like the whole chapter of Romans 12.

  5. I already follow your blog via Google Friend Connect!

  6. Ooooo! Cute T-shirts! I did as many entries as I could, but sadly I don't have Twitter or Pinterest. Oh's fine! Thanks for the giveaway, Natasha!

  7. Hey Natasha. I was a little confused by the entry thing but I'm leaving a comment here. I thinks that's where I was supposed to comment, and I rated your blog. But if I did it wrong, I'm sorry!

  8. I like the design on the back of the red one! Way cool!

  9. Love it! It's so hard to find t-shirts with Christian messages.


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