Jeans And Geek Glasses!

I'm wearing: 
Glasses-Zenni Optical//Scarf-gift//Burgandy shirt-Target $5// Jeans-Costco $10// boots-Rue 21 $5                             
The name "bad blogger" comes to mind! I've honestly not been wearing anything worth sharing, so thus the lack of posting! However, my mom pointed out I should post the "good" as well as the "bad" outfits. So here I am in all my casual jean and T-shirt glory! 
It also accrued to me that I've never shared my glasses on here! Adorable cheap driving glasses from Zenni Optical.

I've been reading a book called Color Me Beautiful-interesting, yet highly confusing! I'm 90% positive I'm a warm Autumn, which pretty much means about half my closet is in the Autumn, the other half not.  

How about you? Ever checked out color me beautiful? If so, what season are you? Which do you think I am? 


  1. Well, no matter what you think, I say that this outfit is adorable and worth sharing! Seriously, it's high time those of us who do clothing posts were more honest about our more casual days! ;-) And, as casual outfit go, this is great! And I love your glasses!!! There are *moments* when those of us who don't need glasses slightly envy those who do for fashion purposes! ;-)

    Oh and, by the way, you are looking so trim an healthy!!! I've been doing a "warped" version of THM myself! Good stuff!


  2. I like the color combo of your top and scarf! :)
    Oh, I know what you mean about the confusion! I have "Color Me Confident" (same kind of thing) which has had me wondering if I'm a clear and cool or clear and warm.

  3. I have read Color Me Confident. It's by the same people, but is newer and has more options (the "labels" aren't seasons). I am a Clear Cool. I really like this outfit, btw! It's simple but cute.

  4. I love the original 1960's-1970's Color Me Beautiful (I have that book and the first makeup book). I am most definitely a summer, and LOVE IT, although I don't wear all the colors (I cannot really wear dark colors even though I am not a blonde), and I do wear some Spring colors. I have looked at more recent designations, but it got more complicated and with less colors per designation too. I really prefer the original. I have considered buying my swatches although it is like $40 and I think I can tell by holding clothes up what really works on me now.
    I think your glasses may be considered hipster glasses now . . .

  5. Your t-shirt and jeans are adorable! I think we're our own worst critics when it comes to fashion--I'll start the day feeling like the frumpiest person alive, and then out of nowhere come the "you look so CUTE!"s. (Which you do! And very vibrant and fit!)


  6. I really like your glasses! That color is adorable on you. Also, I know this is a different post by I love Mere Christianity and C.S. Lewis. That quote/concept you mentioned is one that really stuck out to me too, although everything he says is so deeply thought provoking. I've never managed to finish reading it because I feel like I can ponder one of his concepts for days.

    Anyway, I just found your blog and I'm excited to follow along :)


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