C.S Lewis, Mirrors And Colors

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I've been reading Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis (highly recommend it) in my spare time. One of the main points that stuck with me was when he talked about how God can't reveal himself to people who aren't in a good place with their relationship with Him. Like a dirty mirror, You can't see God or hear from Him until you use "windex" on your relationship. Definintely thought provoking, since I know my "mirror" needs frequent cleaning. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm dabbleing in figuring out "my" colors. I've decided I must be a warm autumn. So earth tones are for me. Interesting, since I've been drawn to earth tone colors for quite some time! Bright colors have never been my thing. 

So I know this post is sort of random, but my brain is feeling rather random at the moment! So bear with me! 
Some of you have expressed an interest in more "diet" posts. Heard you loud and clear! I will try to do some more in the future. For the moment, I'm sharing photos of a delicious salad and a fuel pull strawberry shortcake I had recently!


  1. Pretty outfit (love the necklace!), yummy-looking food, and good thoughts!! Thank you for sharing! <3

  2. That is a gorgeous necklace; it is nice that it is several colors, but you can still wear it with several colors.

  3. Beautiful outfit! I think it looks well with your coloring. :) The intricate flowers on your necklace are lovely.

  4. I love your necklace! And that food looks so good :) I sort of would like to try THM for a while, but it's a bit too difficult when the rest of my family won't do it with me. . . .

    How true that is about cleaning our "mirrors"! I've wanted to read Mere Christianity but haven't yet.

  5. I love your necklace! Where did you find it?

  6. I love your necklace! Where did you find it?


  7. I'm not on your blog a lot, but I have two things to say: First, the outfit is great! Second, I wanted to congratulate you on how much weight you've lost (:


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