Floral, Black And Jalapeño Poppers Are Cancer Fighting?

While crying happy spicy food heat induced tears last night, I jokingly said "I should look up health benefits of jalapeños, maybe they fight cancer!" Then laughed it off. Guess what? Turns out, they do!! Seriously! They have a healthy dose of vitamins (A,D,E and C!) help you feel satiated (full), boost your metabolism AND they help fight certain cancer cells! What?!? Seriously, as if I needed another reason to eat them! ; ) 

And you'll be glad to know that eating more will eventually dull the "spicy food senses" in the tongue! 

Onto outfit details (since this is a fashion blog) 
I purchased this skirt at Rue 21 for $3! Unfortunantely, it wasn't a great purchase since I couldn't seem to find a shirt the color of any of the flowers! So I settled for my black shirt. I seem to be destined for outfit simplicity....

Do you like spicy foods?


  1. Well.....I like a little spice here and there. But not a lot. :)

  2. I know they have great nutritional value, but I really dislike spicy foods :P Harrumph. . .sometimes trying to be healthy is very hard.

    I like your outfit that way! I've always been a fan of simplicity in outfits.

  3. I love your floral maxi, Natasha! I can't believe they actually fight cancer! I'm not a spicy food nut, but I do love healthy food and healthy living, so that is enough to convince me! ;) Lovely post! God bless!


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