Neon Caution Cone Style

This isn't exactly something I would normally wear, in fact this scarf is cast off from my sister! I rescued it from the goodwill box a bit ago. Bright colors aren't normally my thing, however, when paired with a toned down, neutral color, why not?

I'm excited to share these earrings with you! Amanda's shop proceeds go towards a worthy cause of her and get husband bringing home a baby from Taiwan! What better way to buy jewelry than knowing your purchase had far reaching blessings? 
Check out they have lovely items just waiting to be purchased! Like these earrings I'm wearing! Simple, yet elegant! They'll make a lovely addition to many future outfits! 
What about you? Are you a bright colors person? 


  1. Natasha,

    What fun! I am definitely a bright colors person. It helps in the dreary weather! :)

    Thanks for promoting our adoption fundraiser! A note to all readers, please visit the Chloe and Isabel site through THIS LINK to support our efforts!

    Accessing the site through other links will not support our fundraiser, unless you specifically choose to shop with Amanda Greenhoe.

    Thanks so much!

    1. My apologies, Amanda! I've updated the link! :(
      Sorry about that!

    2. You're amazing! So grateful for your post, and for the quick change.


  2. I love colors! Bright, happy colors....though neon is not a part of it. :P It does not really match me. You look great though!

    Feminine Modesty

  3. Hey Natasha, I absolutely love bright colors. :D So I think your outfit looks great!

  4. I have always loved bright colors, so I think that scarf is really cute!

  5. all that snow looks so dang fun! love that long scarf!


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