MIA No Longer!

So, the question on everyone's lips, "where the heck has she been?!?" In an effort to work more, unfortunantely this blog has the back burner. Don't worry! This doesn't mean I'm quitting! You'll just have to be patient with me as I figure out how to fit blogging in. 

Some of you may know I'm very into researching things, I've been known to research things to death in fact! 
My latest research has been on dry skin brushing. 
If you're not familiar with dry skin brushing, do get familiar. It has amazing benefits, some outward, but mostly internal. Benefits include everything from younger, glowing skin, to a better immune system and a healthier body.
One specific thing I've gleaned from this is the importance of natural deodorant! I had no idea how important arm pits are for waste disposal and preventing cancers and diseases. Not to mention how important natural lotion and cleansers are. It does NOT just sit on your skin, you're basically taking it internally!

I honestly don't know why, but anything to do with helping the body work better and learning how awesome God made our bodies is fascinating to me! So hopefully I haven't bored you to death! 

How about you? What are you currently obsessed about? 

I'm wearing: Jean jacket-Rue 21 $7//lace shirt-Rue 21 $3// blue shirt-Rue 21 $3//skirt-hand me down//boots-Herbergers $36.99


  1. I have to say your face looks so fresh and clear and I love your choice of clothing! very stylish!
    Too bad you don't live in Michigan near me, you look like a very pleasant person to get to know.
    God bless you abundantly!
    a 16 yr old girl :)

  2. I first heard about dry brushing from Feelin Feminine years ago. I want to try it (I love natural stuff). I really want to try it if it helps with deodorant. Natural ones don't work so great (of course I think that I might've made my skin need more when I caked on conventional stuff as young teen). Where did you get you information? Do you have links or a book?

  3. I am a huge researcher as well! I have been known to research a certain subject for a couple months at a time! :) Right now I am writing a very long research paper on the reliability of the Bible. It is a very interesting subject and there is so much information out there!


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