Halftee Modest Magic

I've always loved those lovely shirts that are intended to be off the shoulder. But for me personally, I wouldn't wear it off the shoulder, seems a bit know- flirty shall we say? So what better way to make it modest than my trusty side-kick Halftee! Seriously, I was sent this Halftee about two years ago, I've almost worn it to threads! It's a great little piece, I'm hoping to purchase some new ones soon! Btw, you can purchase one at (I'm not getting anything for saying this in case you're wondering) 

I found this functional black maxi skirt at Rue 21 for...drum roll! $4! A great price for a piece tag can ultimately be worn with just about anything! 

Have you heard of Halftee? 


  1. I have never heard of Halftee but I'll have to look into it. I love that owl shirt! I have a small obsession with owls and that is super adorable! Love the beanie and the maxi!

  2. One of my favorite outfits yet, Natasha! Wow! I love it so insanely much! The owl sweater is too cute. I love how you incorporated that maxi! Awesome!

    Ashley B.

  3. Also, there's a 20% off sale through tomorrow (Saturday, February 15th at midnight) if you use the code "valentines"!!

  4. I looooove owls!!! AWEsome outfit!

  5. What a perfect use of a halftee... I LOVE mine (especially in the summer when that extra layer makes you want to die...). :-) And, by the way, I love your sweatshirt!

    As always, you look beautiful! Much love to you!


  6. I must say that that outfit is absolutely stunning on you! Of course, I especially love the owl shirt :P. I'm so glad I found your blog, and I look forward to reading more from you!
    Brooke Jordan

  7. You look very cute! I love maxi skirts!
    P.S. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award on my blog! :)

  8. I really like this outfit. I've liked those shirts too. Great way to make them modest. By the way, you are so slim! Keep at it! I can definitely tell a difference since I started reading your blog!
    God Bless!

  9. What a great deal on the skirt. Cute outfit! :)

  10. Are you still blogging? It's been over two weeks....We miss you.


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