THM Update-Month 4

As some of you know, I've been doing Trim Healthy Mama (a way of 
Basic idea of this eating plan is that while you are losing weight, you seperate carbs from fat! Easy, huh? I won't lie, it was an adjustment to begin with. I had no idea how much bread I ate! Now I still get to eat bread (homemade sourdough!) just not with butter (till I've met my goal weight). 

Sugar was a whopper to kick! My whole family had about a week of "sugar detox." Just Google sugar side effects and you'll feel much better about getting off it! 

I've lost about 24lbs! I have a set number in mind, but I'm content if I never lose another pound. 

On top of weight loss, my acne has completely cleared up (aside from a few hormonal breakouts)! 

For years I've tried quite a few things, including contemplating clean eating, eating waaaay too much fruit and whole wheat bread and trying to exercise weight off. Guess what? None if them worked! In fact, it usually made things worse. It's very peaceful to know I'm putting nourishing things into my body, that taste good no less! And yet I can still achieve a trimmer body. 

I would be happy to answer any questions you ladies might have about Trim Healthy Mama, I'd also love to hear from those doing it currently! 


  1. Hey Natasha! Congrats! I'm really happy for you. I'm hoping to start doing some of the THM this year, too!
    You look great! Keep it up!

  2. Great job, Natasha! I can totally see the difference. That must be so exciting! :) I myself lost 80 lbs since last April and have almost neared my goal weight on the Trim Healthy Mama plan. And that was all by how I ate - my exercise level stayed generally the same, although I will say I have more energy now. That is really neat about your acne - I didn't have that problem, but I am pleased to find out the diet works in that way too! Do you have a favorite meal/dessert?



  3. You look great. I'm trying to cut out sugar and it is so hard. I think I need a "detox" as well. I may try THM since I can see what success you've had. I don't like artificial sweetners though, and it seems they are used in THM recipes.

    1. You should, it's been such a life changer for me.
      Just so you know, Stevia and erythritol aren't the same thing as Splenda.
      I thought the same thing at first! Stevia is a plant and in my opinion is safe.
      Erythritol is derived from corn (I use none GMO from Xylitol USA).
      You should do your own research of course, but definitely something to consider.
      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. Natasha! You look amazing! You go girl!!!! I know this is probably, well, a not-smart question (for lack of better words :P) what is Trim Healthy Moma? A diet plan?

    Ashley B.

  5. This is really awesome! Looking really good! ☺

  6. My goodness darling, you look amazing! I have a friend who did this and it worked very well for her too!
    Brooke Jordan

  7. I love that second photo (to the left)'re like..."No...I don't want to do this"...LOL

  8. Hey Natasha! I too am doing THM and have been since I came home from volunteering in Tennessee. Above Rubies, the ministry I was volunteered for is run by Serene and Pearl's mom, Nancy Campbell. They lived just "a stones throw" away from Mrs. Campbell's house which is where I lived too! It was so cool to meet them and so cool to discover your blog and that you do THM! Please come check out my blog and follow it!

    In Christ,

  9. I have not been on your blog in awhile, but dont worry, its not you, I havent been on ANYBODY S blog for awhile :P Im not much of a blog reader. I stopped though, because I wanted to encourage you. You look fabulous & you are doing wonderfully with your getting healthy! WOW! Its truly amazing. You were lovely before too, I might add :) The important thing here is getting healthy. Along getting healthy comes weight loss. But health is the goal! Good for you!!!! Again, WOW!


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