"So, What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?" And Long Sleeves Again!



Our first Virtual Coffee Chat is how to deal nicely with the question "what are you going to do with your life?" 

I do honestly think people don't mean to be rude when they ask this, usually they're just making conversation. But it can be a frustrating question for a lot of us! 
 How do we respond nicely? Bottom line, the Bible commands us to; love one another, most especially your enemies (Matthew 5:44), to be slow to speak-ie choosing your response carefully (James 1:19-20)

This is a great verse to remember before responding in any situation;

Proverbs 15:1 

"A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."

Obviously I don't respond the correct way 100% of the time-old news really, but I'm not perfect! Some things I've learned, is to answer truthfully-"I don't know, I've been praying about it and feel like this is where God wants me." 

It might also be helpful to share with the person what you're currently doing, what you've been thinking about doing, etc. And of course, the follow up question is usually, "so are you going to college?" My answer would be "no." The way I like to explain it to people is simply my reasoning- "I don't have anything I'm interested in getting a degree in, so I feel it would be a waste of money just to go for the experience or whatever." 

This is definintely something I've struggled with, for about two years before I graduated I was getting almost panicky "um...God, you do realize I'm graduating soon, right? Time to let me know what I'm doing with my life!" Surprise! God's not on my time table! I've learned a great deal though in being patient, as well as resting in the fact that I truly do believe God will lead His children in the path they should walk. Besides, all  the worrying just gives ya wrinkles anyway! ;)

How do you answer the "what are going to do with your life?" Question? 

FYI: I'm wearing: black shirt-target $5//hat-hand me down//scarf-Claire's $?//skirt-rue 21 $3//boots-rue 21 $5

I keep forgetting to share this awesome Spring wreath Collections Etc. Sent me! Who doesn't love a little spring on their wall?


  1. Thanks you so much for sharing! Thank you for the scripture reminder to respond in a God honoring way. It's so encouraging to know I'm not the only one out there that gets asks these questions. By the way, your outfit is so cute! I love the way you wore all black and then put on the white vest, very pretty!

  2. I have to remind myself of this verse a lot, thanks for sharing your thoughts! You sure are beautiful inside and out. You look great in a hat, sorry you're having cold weather still!! Thanks for stopping by my site doll!! I read your "about me" page and realized we have a lot in common, I share the same thoughts as you on shopping! Also, my granddaddy is a preacher, so maybe I'm a GPK? LoL!

    Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss

  3. So frustrating! I often felt "put down" when people asked about my career plans. Do you ever get the follow-up questions: "Are you going to live with your parents forever? What if something happens to them? How will you support yourself?" In those times it was hard to say I'm doing the best I can to discern God's plan and follow it.
    It can feel lonely when your being bombarded with these questions and I am glad you are taking time to let gals know they are not alone.


  4. This question has to be one of the most over-used, frustrating ones out there, and I appreciate your encouragement in pointing out that we need to respond nicely to it.


  5. I think it is really smart of you not to go straight to college just because it has become the typical thing to do. The "college experience" often involves many negative experiences that Christians usually want to avoid. There is so much pressure these days to go to college immediately, with school officials literally telling kids they will end up poor losers if they don't decide their entire future at age 18 or 19. If more young people would take time to get work experience and life experience they would be better prepared to choose an area of study if they later do need a degree or advanced training to follow a particular career path. I think there would be less wasted time and money for many people in the long run. And I think the atmosphere of college right after high school doesn't increase maturity in general. Those who end up "partying" through college continue to act like adolescents long after they should, where an adult who has spent time working for awhile knows the use of their time is precious and the decisions made are important. Anyway, just some thoughts I had on the topic. I commend you for following the Lord's leading even when many people seem to question your decision.

    1. Just wanted to point out that college can have positive experiences for Christians too. For example, there was a weekly bible study and occasional activities organized by Fellowship of Christian Athletes (you don't have to be an athlete to join) and also mission trips organized by another group, that I participated in. Plus weekly worship services on campus. These activities helped deepen my faith, which I don't think would have happened in my home congregation, where there were not really any activities/ministries for young adults who had finished high school.

      I went to college, because that was what was expected of me and really had no idea at the time there was any other choice. I'm glad I went, the experience did help me to decide what I wanted to do for a job and I discovered hobbies I still pursue today.

      Chrissy is right tho, college doesn't make you mature, you have to be mature enough when you start to have the self discipline to manage your time wisely, choose good friends, attend church, etc. Taking extra time to grow a little more before starting probably helps many people.

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    5. Oops. Sorry about the extra comments. I have no idea why blogger/google published the same thing 4 times.

  6. I graduated from high school 3 years ago this June, and I am only just now, maybe, figuring out what I want to do with my life, as far as a career. I've been going to university because I figured a bachelor's degree would be helpful if I ever homeschool someday.
    For the record, I think "I'm a stay-at-home-daughter" should be a perfectly acceptable answer to what you are doing with your life. Our culture has changed so much due to feminism that this doesn't seem to be an option anymore for most women, which is sad.

  7. Fun outfit and great post, Natasha! :)
    I get asked what I'm doing quite often, and I sometimes answer "Oh, a little bit of everything!" since that's how it seems at times. ;) Most people my age are going to college, so I somehow feel I need to explain how I'm not just sitting around doing pointless things. It's great to know that others relate. :D


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