Virtual Coffee Chat-guys, tigers and glasses!

I'm wearing: tiger crop top-Forever 21 $5// black skirt-Maurice's $8// boots- Herbergers $17.99// hat-forever 21 $8// glasses-Zenni optical $?       

So what's a girl to do about guys? How dare they be themselves-the nerve! Lol!

No, but seriously, guys are a definite pitfall for many girls. Satan likes to use situations and relationships that should be edifying and enriching in our lives and turn it into a stumbling block. Here's a secret I'm going to share-guys aren't the problem! Sure, they can contribute to our out of control minds and feelings, but most of the time we have no one to blame but ourselves. 

What are we supposed to do with feelings when they arise? How do we keep emotionally pure? One really helpful thing I've learned (I got this idea from reading the Duggar girls' book actually-Growing Up Duggar) is to immediately pray about something, someone or just ask God for help. The Duggar girls pointed out that Satan wants us further away from God, not closer. So if every time he tries to make you fall, you pray instead-you've taken his tool! His entry has been blocked and you're no longer allowing him to use this situation in your life for evil. 

Is it wrong to "like" a guy? Not in and of itself, it's what you do with those feelings that matter. Don't let the thoughts continue, stop them immediately! The longer you allow them to stay in your mind, the harder it is to control your thoughts. 

Next post I'd like to share important quality traits to look for in a future husband!

I would love if you shared your thoughts on this post, as well as your top 3 most important character qualities for your future husband. 


  1. Hi Natasha!

    I'm really enjoying your virtual coffee chats--I may steal the idea!
    I am getting married later this year, and throughout the process of dating/courtship/whatever-you-want-to-call it I've learned a lot about what qualities are important and which ones are a huge learning curve for guys. One thing I will say about lists and qualifications is that there are a few important things every girl should nail down, but the longer your list gets, the more frustrated you will be. It was incredible for me to see every item on my list (of maybe eight qualifications) be fulfilled by the man I am going to marry. For me, the most important three are:
    --In love with Jesus--not just having the "Christian" label!
    --Great sense of humor--someone I can giggle, chortle, and be generally five years old with
    --Shared interests and callings--my intended and I are both crazy about having kids and are called to congregational worship leading. It's actually how we got to know each other!

    Thanks for reading my novel! Have a blessed week and I look forward to your continuation :)


  2. Your outift kinda reminds me of a cool, casual nerdy school girl style....hahahaha...yeah, lots of adjectives! :P

    Feminine Modesty

  3. You look great, girl! :)

    Top 3 qualities in a husband: Puts God first and serves Him with his life (of course, so let's say this is a given), honesty (communicative), loving (in my love language), and the actual third is similar interests. I've got all of that in my husband!

    Whenever I liked a guy before my husband, I immediately thought of whether or not the guy I liked was my husband material. If I don't see that person as a husband, then I don't even bother being emotional with that person. It's tough though, because there were many guys that were fun, funny, good looking, and spiritual... but our interests were completely different, and I knew that was important for me in a husband. I had to let go of my feelings, because I had no intentions of being married to them. I wouldn't want to take him away from his future wife, because I was entertaining him too much, etc. So it's OK to be not too friendly. They'll understand. I had to draw the line between just being cold/rude/mean and being uninterested romantically---and it's a bit subtle at times.



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