Future Husband List And Waaayy Behind!!

I'm wearing: 
blue jean jacket-vanity $15, blue shirt-rue 21 $3, skirt-hand me down.

So I'm incredibly behind in my posting! I think these photos are like a month old!! What?!? Yep! 

This was a Sunday outfit, classic me-comfortable, yet somewhat dressy. 
I've never been one to dress up too much, but I also oppose wearing pjs into Wal mart! 

So as promised, I'm going to share a list of important quality traits to look for in a future husband. Maybe you're only 10 thinking "umm, that's nice! But I'm not getting married anytime soon!" True, but it's actually more important to make your list before you meet anyone! Why? Because often clear headed thinking is not present when you "like" someone. So make a bare bones list of things you will not compromise on!! I'm not suggesting you put "must have big brown for eyes"-although that isn't totally bad-but here are some things that are important for me in a future husband:

1. Has a growing, personal relationship with Jesus.-if he doesn't fit #1, the rest doesn't matter. 
2. Hard working-a lazy guy is not someone you want marry! 
3. Mature-this one really irritates me, immaturity is not cool in my opinion.
4. Loves kids
5. Respects and honors his mom/sister(s)/women in his life. 
6. Easy to talk to. 
7. Listens to others.

Optional things:
8. Good looking ;) and no, I wouldn't marry Gollum...
9. Interested/open to eating healthy.
10. Likes music-maybe plays an instrument? 

Now the catch is, after you make the list, turn on yourself! Ask yourself, "Am I the kind of girl that a guy like that would be interested in?" Then go down the list and ask yourself the same things that are on your list-do I have a vibrant personal relationship with Jesus? Am I hard working? Am I mature? 
And remember that God is in control, you don't have to be perfect! But we should be working on these things-especially before even considering marriage. 

Do you have a list for things you're looking for in a future husband? 


  1. So true! Thank you so much for posting these, Natasha! What I love about reading these thoughtful posts of yours is that they're not long--whenever a post like this gets long, it often gets overly preachy as well. But I feel like yours is the perfect balance! Thank you for being such a truly modest encouragement :)


  2. Oooh, I really like this outfit and its colors! :D The skirt is lovely.
    It looks like you have a great list! When I was younger, I copied a list of future husband qualities from a book, added a few of my own and put on a short list of things that were optional, but would be nice. ;) Looking back, that list was super extensive and slightly vague at points. Now, I don't really so much have an actual list (besides being A-a Christian and B- a growing Christian) as an appreciation for good qualities in men and /hopefully/ a discernment of things that are not right. Hope that makes sense. :)

  3. I love your outfit! I never know how to pair a jean jacket with something. I would not have thought to pair it with a light airy skirt. It works great!

    Since you listed of 10 things to look for in a husband, I also made a list of 10. It was harder than I thought to quantify some of the qualities I want.

    1. Non-smoker. Non-tobacco user.
    2. Serious about our faith –expects to attend church together, family and personal prayer/bible study, uphold church teachings and values, etc.
    3. Similar feelings on having/raising kids
    4. Good work ethic
    5. Genuine, honest, respectful
    6. Compatible sense of humor
    7. Easy to talk to and enjoyable to be around
    8. Financially responsible / reasonable
    9. Has hobbies/interest and is supportive of my hobbies/interests
    10. Ideally, the same denomination

  4. here's my list:

    1. Christian and shares the same key doctrine/
    2. Doesn't drink/smoke
    3. Has no tattoos, earrings, or any other piercings
    4. Wears his hair like a man and dresses like a man
    5. Wants to have a family with many children
    6. Kind/Loving/Christ-like/mature/caring
    7. Has his own job (house,too)
    8. Funny in a sensible way(not dirty jokes)
    9. Work ethic
    10 Shares my convictions and holds tight to his own

    1. Wants to have a farm and raise animals
    2. Cute
    3. Has a job where he can be home more than he is out.

    Thanks for this wonderful post!

  5. Loooooove the Gollum joke...too funny! Serious faith is definitely on my list as well. Here is what I would want in my future husband:

    1. (Like Jenny said..) No drugs, no smoking, no addiction to alcohol.
    2. True believer and follower in Jesus Christ
    3. Respects me and my values
    4. Mature but not too serious. Sense of humor is appreciated. ;)
    5. Has a desire to serve others- humility
    6. Hard working with a (preferably) good job (Has common sense)
    7. Has a desire to have and raise kids.
    8. Respects others
    9. Loves the country side. I want to live where there is a lot of trees, grass and animals. City life isn't my thing
    10. Has some desire to stay fit, healthy and well dressed (neat).

    Good looks is obviously preferred but I don't believe in marrying someone because of wealth or looks. My list isn't in any particular order but #1 is definitely love for Jesus! =D

  6. Great list! When I was a teenager I think, I wrote down "likes rock, or has a band" or something like that. I moved on to college, and I think I replaced that with "business savvy or business man." I grew up in a business-minded family, so I naturally thought that was the best way to go. When I met my now husband, he was NOT into business at all, and I didn't care much for it because I realized I didn't want my family to be intertwined with work. My husband just wanted to do what was required to earn a living and then focused on friendships and relationships (like I did eventually)...and music.

    A few years into our marriage, he started a business with me. It's really funny to see what God does in your life. I have both what I asked for!


  7. Right there with you Natasha! We opened our restaurant about three weeks ago and I haven't updated my blog since. Mind you I have created two partial posts, but I just haven't finished or posted them yet!


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