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Hey there everyone! So I just realized I haven't posted in a very long time! And while I don't have an outfit post for you, i do have photos! My mom, two siblings and I took a trip down to CO to visit family. Crazy times that included driving 16hrs to get to my grandparents house due to the fact that we were country bumpkins and didn't get a hotel ahead of time! I nearly had a nervous break down driving through Denver at night! Day time is bad enough, then add limited visibility due to darkness...I'll take my 5 cars on the highway in MT any day, thank you! 
Left to right-my sister patience, me, grandpa, grandma and my brother Onan. 

Selfies work awesome for family photos!

Chile fries from Conseulos! Yum! 

We ate our chile fries at this cute little park that had a metal game outside to play! 

On the way home we stopped in WY at the inscription rock and the Oregon trail ruts! 

They had a rock off to the side that my brother and I craved our names into. Surprisingly, it's way harder to do than it looks ! 


  1. I love your outfit in these photos! It's so flattering on you :) You look like you had a lot of fun. Oh, and I know about carving into rock--it takes FOREVER!

    dance a real

  2. Oh man!!!! I would love to go on a road trip!!!! :D

  3. This looks like a fun time! I really like the clouds in the first to last photo. Also, your outfit is cute! :D


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