What I Wear-Brown Skirt And Sleeveless Shirt Thoughts

Hello there, ladies! I've finally got together a post-an event which has evaded me for quite some time! 

I found this sleeveless shirt at Goodwill (I haven't shopped at GW in ages!) and was so excited! I wear very few sleeveless shirts, due to the fact that the arm holes are usually totally inappropriate by my standards. But these arm holes are the perfect cut-generous enough straps to cover under apparel, I also threw my tank top Halftee on for the low cut part. 

How about you? Do you own any sleeveless shirts? What are your modesty rules regarding sleeveless shirts? 


  1. Hey Natasha! So nice to hear from you! That skirt is so voluminous and rich!

    As far as our family's thoughts for sleeveless shirts go- around the age of 12 we are no longer allowed to wear them in a (out side of the house) social setting. I love getting these questions from each other- it is just neat to hear others thoughts.

    the elder sister
    Calico Sisters blog

  2. I own a few sleeveless shirts that I wear for when I'm out working on the farm in Summer days or riding the horses in the heat. As long as they stay put and don't move around too much/have thicker straps, I'm okay with them!!

  3. I love this outfit! So cute :)
    I'm okay with sleeveless shirts as long as sleeve holes aren't too big and as long as the straps are wide enough. My regular standards like tightness, length, and "lowness" still apply of course.
    It's nice to find cute, modest, and cool shirts, especially when dealing with the southern heat :)

  4. Cute! I never wear sleeveless shirts though as I don't consider them modest. :)

  5. Pretty outfit... I LOVE how full and flowy your skirt is!!!

    As you probably know from outfit posts on my blog, I do wear sleeveless blouses on occasion. Just like with shorts, I don't believe all sleeveless shirts are "created equal". :-) If armholes are too large or straps are too small, I either don't wear it or wear one of my amazing thicker-strapped cami tank-tops underneath! I do believe that sleeveless shirts can be worn in a classy way (and you definitely accomplished that!). I agree with Kelly, other standards should remain the same when it comes to fit and cut. :-)

    Much love!

  6. I agree with no straps showing. But my mom really does not like me to wear sleevless. I think I've only worn sleevless publicly two times that I can remember. i think I would also feel more comfortable with them if I were thinner.
    But I see where my mom is coming from. Most of the sleeveless shirts nowadays are completely immodest.
    I don't find anything wrong with your selection though. : )

  7. Looking gorgeous Natasha, I love the skirt.

  8. Cute! Well, I won't deny, I really like sleeveless shirts. What I usually do for example is pair a chiffon sleeveless shirt with a tank underneath for modesty. Living in Florida, it's super hot most of the year so sleeveless is a welcome option.


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