What I Wear-Simple Lace Skirt And Classic Purple Shirt

I know this outfit isn't anything special-but we fashion bloggers are supposed to be real, right? Well, this is me! I'm obsessed with my plain shirts! They're just so easy to pair with different things! Their's no "Oh! I can't wear this with that because of the graphics on my shirt!" (Yes, I do that! I'm an obsessive matchy!) 

I absolutely love the lace on the hem of this skirt! Huge plus, it also has a nice white ruffled slip! 

What's your opinion on plain shirts? Love, or hate? 


  1. What a pretty outfit!!! Love the lace trim on the skirt! I wore solid shirts a lot when I was in highschool... then forgot all about them... then this last year have been collecting more of them. Yours is super-cute; good cut and beautiful color. Where did you find it?


  2. I like this outfit! Your skirt is so feminine and fun. :)
    As far as plain shirts go, I like them for a similar reason that you do. They're easier to wear with printed skirts. However, lately I've been getting more patterned tees (actually I seem to have a stripe obsession >.<) to make my summer outfits more interesting.

  3. I like this! I'm also a little matchy-matchy when it comes to things, so you aren't the only one ;)

    dance a real

  4. I love your simple outfit! I think it's super practical and great for a summer day! You look great!


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