Headband Curls Tutorial How To!

I decided the other day that it's high time I did a video tutorial! So here goes nothing-I also appreciate your graciousness as this is my first video, excuse the hair sticking out at the end ;)

And this is what my hair looks like after:


  1. I will definitely be trying this!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Beautiful, Natasha! I definitely love the video format as well. You should do videos more often. :) You have some gorgeous hair by the way.
    Cassia <3

  3. Do you have to spritz it with hair spray to make it stay or will it stay on its own?

    1. Kathryn,
      That would depend entirely on your hair. For me, my hair won't hold a curl from heat (like a curling iron) but this lasted me two days!

  4. How long do you keep it in. My hair is A LOT thicker than yours. Do you think it would take longer? And water or watery hair gel?
    By the way this was great! My hair is extremely long and I've been trying to figure out how to do one of those head band tuck things where the hair is wrapped over and around the band into a roll. I think the concept might work by going over instead of under the headband to wrap it.
    So thanks for the inspiration. I'm sorry if that was confusing. :)

    1. You can try starting it with all your hair on your face, and do it all the way around the headband instead of leaving the front empty? I've done this before, it might help with the thickness. Also, don't pull it as tight so you have room for your hair.
      I just use water, but you could use whatever on it!
      Hope that helps!

  5. Very cute! I'll definitely be trying this!

    Questin: How do you take the headband out in the morning? Do you untwist the hair or just pull lightly on the headband and the hair unravels on it's own?


    1. Lol! That's a good question! You just leave it in for the rest of your life! (Joking!)
      In the middle where you crossed the sections of hair, just gently tug on one section, it should come it easily, from there just continue gently pulling each section out!
      Thanks for your comment!

  6. A great video, thank you! I'm going to try this out tonight, I love soft curls/waves!

    I enjoy reading your blog, as well!!


  7. Wow! That makes beautiful curls! I normally don't curl my hair, because I am afraid to apply heat to it. But this is something I definitely will have to try. Thank you SO much for taking the time to do the tutorial! You look beautiful!

  8. I tried it a couple of nights ago and LOVED it! I think I may have taken it out the wrong way but it worked. :-) Do you put mousse or hairspray in at all before you put your hair in the headband? My hair doesn't stay curly well at all, so I do all I can to keep the curls! :-)
    Hope you're having a great day!

  9. This is great Natasha! Thanks for sharing this with me! Did you come up with it yourself?

    Much love,

    The eldest sister & singer


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