What I Wear-Bohemian/Patchwork Dress And What I'm Up To!

Life has been a bit crazy lately! My grandparents have been here for the past couple weeks, so we've been hanging out and doing various things! So, that having been said, I'm going to just list random things off quickly to catch you up a bit instead of drowning you in details! (Photos included of course!)

1. Outfit first! I purchased this awesome bohemian style patchwork dress at Goodwill, threw my trusty Halftee on and headed out the door! 

2. An Ri Ra Irish heritage festival with a friend! 
Check out my you tube video of the dancers-

3. Ate at an Amish dinner, which was an interesting, yet stomache stretching experience! TONS of food! Everything from fried chicken and mashed potatoes to homemade ice cream and peach pie! (Certainly not THM friendly, but hey! It tasted good!) 
My sister Melissa and I

My siblings Patience and Onan 

The grandparents and my parents

Beautiful scenery outside the Amish place-

And then 4. (This past weekend) Downpour Christian Music Festival 2014 in Great Falls! (Btw it's insanely awesome in no small part because it's free!) 
Group 1 Crew, Shonlock, Seventh Day Slumber, Disciple and NeedToBreathe! NeedToBreathe was my favorite! They were extremely gifted musically and we all had an awesome time! 

And lastly, if you're interested-I posted a couple You Tube videos of the concert here-

What's new with you? I feel like I'm so behind! I haven't been able to comment on hardly any blogs! So catch me up! 

What's 4 fun things you did this Summer? 


  1. Cute outfit! Looks like you're having a wonderful summer! Ohhh... I love Amish food; definitely not the healthiest stuff, but YUMMY!!!

    Hmmm... four fun things from this summer... 1) MOVING!!!! Yeah, that was pretty big... 2) Going true tent-camping for the first time ever!... 3) Discovering a wonderful sugar-free froyo recipe, which Andrew and I devour each time we make it! Great substitute for those ice cream cravings... 4) And, quite honestly, making plans for this autumn when my sisters will be coming out to visit. :-) Besides moving, it has been a wonderfully low-key summer. Things will definitely be speeding up as the summer ends though, so I'm enjoying it while I can!


  2. I really like your patch-work dress! It's really cute. :)
    NeedToBreathe is one of my favorite bands too!! They are a very talented group!

  3. Oh I almost forgot- 4 fun things I did. Hmmmmm- well.....

    1. Vacation to Niagra Falls, and then Sea Isle NJ! My mom grew up near Sea Isle and it is a real community down there. We had TONS fun. :) We even found a crab.
    2. Shopping. We did ALOT of shopping and got some FABULOUS deals!!
    3. We did a Backyard Kids Club at my church (like a VBS, but you do it in someone's backyard and invite neighbor kids) and it was really fun! The kids were adorable and I think we touched alot of lives. :)
    4. Church camp! It was a blast, between the fabulous food, capture the flag, and my friends, it was a really fun week!



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