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I'm wearing-shirt-Rue 21 $3//Skirt-C/O Kosher Casual   


This lovely long skirt was sent to me for review by Kosher Casual
Upon telling her what item I'd like, she told me the skirt would come super long, to accommodate shrinkage. When she said that I sort of thought "well, that's fine, I probably won't dry it-I'm taller than most people, so..." Well I got it, it was indeed very long! It was ridiculous to begin with! But after washing and drying it, it's now the perfect length for me! 

It's hard to find skirts that reach the floor-most maxi skirts are ankle length at best on me, unless I wear them super low! Not so with this skirt! The fabric is nice and breathable as well as light- nice for Summer weather. 

All in all, a lovely skirt! I'm always happy to review for Kosher Casual-there isn't enough modest fashion companies out there, it's nice to find good ones! 
I greatly encourage you to head over there and check out their skirts and such-let me know what you think! 


  1. Nice out-fit! Those are some big earrings! haha! I've always liked big earrings, but I don't like the way they look on me! Looks great on you though!! Love your blog! -Rebekah

  2. Fun outfit! Yeah... long skirts can be hard to find (and it's even harder finding cute dresses... what might be modest for shorter ladies sometimes reaches only a few inches passed my rear!). So glad this skirt worked for you! Will definitely go check out the store now...


  3. Thanks! Natasha, for your comment on my blog! I always fell very accomplished after hard work too! : ) You are the second person to comment on my blog! Yay! : )

  4. I know what you mean about finding the right maxi skirt that you don't have to pull down too low just to get the right length! Glad you found your perfect one!
    Love your outfit here - and you are rocking those sunglasses!

    Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss

  5. Natasha,You are looking so beautiful in this t-shirt & long skirt.This fabric is best for summer.

  6. Very cute outfit! I love the tribal pattern of your shirt!

    Blaze Ann


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