What I Wear-Geekly...Feminine? And Natural Stuff Talk

Some of you have commented that my photos aren't very large, I must first apologize for the quality of my photos. Unfortunantely for the past months I've been taking photos with my iPhone-not ideal. We switched to higher speed internet (ditched the dial up!) but alas, the casualty is we are no longer using our desktop computer as it uses too much data. So, till I can think of some other way, it's iphone photos, or nothing! 

As of late I've been pretty obsessed with listening to awesome free podcasts from various sources, more specifically Dr. Axe and Wellness Mama. Nutrition/natural health has pretty much always interested me. I'm the weirdo who enjoys reading scientific nutrition books, I love finding out how the body works! 

 So, I thought I'd drag you along with me on this obsession. Okay with you? 
You can expect to see posts soon on THM food, a homemade all natural shampoo recipe I tried, etc. 
I would love to know (either way) if this would be of interest to you. If it wouldn't, don't be afraid to tell me that either! 

Are you interested in nutrition, natural health or healthy homemade body care products?


  1. Nice outfit Natasha! ....I'd say it's more geeky....but in a beautiful way. lol

    Tip on the iphone pics....get a nice picture app and if you crop them square blogger posts pictures bigger....that will help.

    Oh, and normally am not a big foodie but I am all about eating healthy.....your posts are really making me interested in THM and making me want to look into spenda....

    Feminine Modesty

  2. Oops.... Stevia is what I meant...the natural stuff.

  3. Ah! Yes, I would be very excited to see a natural homemade shampoo recipe and things of that nature. I just recently got incredibly interested in more natural alternatives so yes! That would be awesome! :D

  4. Yes I am very interested in natural health and healthy homemade products. I think it's great that you're exploring these things. I love that outfit too!

  5. I like the outfit! And your hair is so pretty :) And I can commiserate with you regarding having to use a lower-quality camera. I had to use a point-and-shoot for a while before I got my Nikon D40, and it was NOT fun. Even now with my Nikon it's very difficult to get high-quality photos since I need a LOT of practice as a photographer.

    And I would love to hear more about your "natural products" thoughts! I've always been super interested in that kind of stuff too. I currently am using a homemade deodorant, homemade face wash (haha--it's just coconut oil), homemade body wash, and homemade hair mask (which is also coconut oil). I love finding ways to go more all-natural!

    dance a real

  6. Would you ever consider doing a tutorial for this hair style? And/or telling us how you keep your hair so long and healthy? :)

    dance a real

  7. I thought you had made the pictures smaller on purpose! I actually like it better this way because with the larger pictures, I couldn't see the entire picture on my laptop (I would have to scroll). Even if you do go back to larger pictures, I hope you mix in some of these smaller pictures, because they are widescreen-friendly! I do understand that smaller pictures means less detail though- perhaps you could do more close-ups on each individual piece you're wearing?

    I love natural stuff, though I haven't been doing much since I moved and tried saving money by using whatever was on hand. I do, however, have a big bottle of Dr. Bronner's that I've barely put a dent in. I've used it as an ingredient in some things like face wash and laundry detergent, but unfortunately it didn't work well as a shampoo like I'd hoped. Any ideas on practical recipes with Dr. Bronner's would be much appreciated!

  8. This outfit is really cute. I love it!!
    For a while I was using this one shampoo made by a woman in Africa who was widowed with a few children and she now has it sold in CVS stores. It has shea butter and things like that only. My husband still uses it. I tend to use nothing or that or once in a while a store bought shampoo in between. . . but I only wash my hair twice a week as it is.


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