What I Wear-Casual Apparel And Changing The World

What if I told you that the body of Christ (the church) could be totally revived? What if I told you there's still hope that we can change the world? How about an interesting fact that one person can hold back an entire church? It's true! 
The Lord has really been convicting me lately that the problems going on in the church body collectively in America isn't the body as a whole's fault. It my fault! It's your fault. 
Too often we look to others to change, to be the first one; to move first, speak first, grow first, change first. When the reality is, one person can be the detriment or blessing of an entire church body.
We look at others and wonder why they won't change-but what about me? 
C.S Lewis said in his book, Mere Christianity, that the thing that irritates us the most in others, is probably our own biggest weakness.
It's sooo easy to find fault in others-how often do I look close to home? In the mirror perhaps? 

Apparently this is a C.S Lewis quote post (ahem) but another quote that truly stuck with me is that C.S Lewis wrote something like, "Instead of comparing ourselves to other fallen creatures, who when we compare ourselves to these people, we think 'hey, I'm not nearly so bad as so and so!' We should hold ourselves to the only try standard of goodness and beauty-God. I don't know about you, but I look pretty shabby next to the Savior of the world!
If we hold ourselves to that standard, instead of other people, if you allow God to work in and through you as a willing vessel-I guarantee you'll change the church, change you, change the world.
He's only a prayer away. 
How awesome is our God?! 

Let me know your thoughts on this! I'd love to hear them.


  1. Love this post, Natasha! So true!!

  2. I like your cozy look! I'm guessing the hoodie is quite comfy.
    You are right, revival has to start with us as individuals. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. LOVE the truth in this post! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  4. Love the sweater!


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