What I Wear-Tunic, Skinny Jeans and THM Stevia Discussion

Many of you have expressed an interest in hearing more about THM (Trim Healthy Mama). I'm always hesitant to call it a "diet" since that particular word conjures up ideas of starving yourself and eating only broccoli for two weeks straight. I usually refer to it as my lifestyle, but of course it's the way I eat (my diet).

I remember the one thing that held me back from trying THM out was the use of Stevia. I'd always assumed certain things about it; it's an artificial sweetner, it's bad for you, it's just like Splenda...the list goes on. When in fact the truth is: none of that was true! It's not artificial, reputable companies don't bleach it white, it's that way from the plant (the sweetest part). It's most certainly not like Splenda! Splenda is man made, stevia is a plant. 
  There's actually no scientific studies that show it's harmful (unless you consume excessive amounts-like we're talking huge amounts of stevia in one sitting!) 
There are of course tons of old wives tales and myths floating around-as with anything. It's been used for centuries in other countries! The only true "side effect" of stevia-is that some people are allergic to it (particularly those allergic to the ragweed family). And the myth about stevia making you feel full is ridiculous! I eat like a horse...enough said?! Also be careful to buy only pure stevia (nothing added). THM has their own sweetner actually! 

In stark contrast to sugar, stevia has benefits; it's zero calorie, zero carb, has no effect on blood sugar, will lower abnormally high blood pressure, but do nothing to normal blood pressure, beneficial for teeth and...well-you get the idea! It's a pretty awesome sweetner! 

I would love to discuss this further with you, leave a comment with your thoughts on stevia!

I'm wearing: denim vest-Ross? $10//dress-hand me down//jeans- borrowed//boots-Keens $95 


  1. Very pretty way to style a short dress! I love using skinny jeans for that purpose. Lovely!

    As you know, I'm not a strict THMer, but I do love all of the research involved in it and the obvious health benefits. I'm actually eating a THM-friendly lunch right now. But I'm also craving donuts... so we'll see what happens. ;-)


  2. Ooh, I like this outfit! It's pretty and autumnal and you did a great job making the jeans modest. :)

  3. I'm especially impressed by this outfit. It incorporates several things I typically don't like wearing (skinny jeans, short vests, skirts with pants), and yet I think I would enjoy wearing this combination!

    As for sweetener, I don't use Stevia (I'm on a budget!), but I don't buy sugar either. Instead I try to buy local, raw honey preferably straight from the farmers so I know where it came from and to save on the "middle man" fees. It has so many health benefits! Plus, you can replace sugar in almost any recipe with a lesser amount of honey. I've had people tell me they don't like the taste of honey, but then they go and eat my baked goods without any complaints! I few months ago I also experimented with blackstrap molasses, and though that had a distinguished taste, it was delicious and healthy. I also try to use coconut oil to replace the parts of recipes that call for fats or oils (except olive oil). Tropical Traditions gives bloggers a free jar of coconut oil for review- you should check them out!

  4. Nice! One of my friends from church is actually doing THM, too. She's a recent converter. I didn't realize that THM makes you separate or pair food groups in different meals.

    I like stevia too! Although, I don't like the bitter aftertaste if you put more than you need for a recipe. It's absolutely important to follow recipes to a tee for that reason. Often times I will use xylitol (some people mix it with erithrytol), which is also completely natural. The bad kind of xylitol is from corn. The good kind is from birch trees, and that's what we use. It doesn't have an aftertaste like stevia and looks and feels just like sugar.. but of course, without the effects of sugar (just like stevia)!

    Because I've cut back on sweets in general, I don't really use stevia/xylitol all that much period. It's nice to have once in a while, though.

    That's a really cute skirt! Good job on pairing that crop denim jacket with a top underneath too. I see so many cute crop tops out there I want to buy, but I've refrained from buying them because I know I won't be able to wear them often if I don't layer! I have a really long torso, and it's hard enough for me to find something that doesn't ride up my back or belly even if it's not cropped, lol.


  5. Your vest seems to be a really versatile piece. I love how it goes with so many things.

    I bought a different kind of yogurt a few days ago and discovered it contained stevia. I'd didn't care for it. To me, it had a baste taste/aftertaste.

    Jenny K


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