What I Wear-Optical Illusion Maxi Skirt

I'm not entirely sure you can even see it in the photos, but skirt moves. It's super weird! I've been wanting a black and white chevron skirt for quite some time now, I found this one for $6 at Vanity. Then, looking in the mirror as I was trying it on-it's like 3-D or something. So, I guess I have the ability to make people sick with my skirt as I walk...

Moving on...
Life has been pretty insane lately! Seems like we're constantly going somewhere (be it running parts, doing school, bookwork, etc.) I had a near panic attack last week when Quickbooks told me I didn't have Microsoft Viewer (meaning I couldn't file any payroll tax forms) I searched for hours online trying to fix it, with the outcome being that I had to transfer to a new computer, which (thankfully!) fixed the problem! Now to wipe the old one, which I'm pretty sure has a virus since it was downloading games...

I'm not sure I've ever shared on here my obsession with Nancy Drew PC games-have I? They're one of my favorite games, they're awesome because you have to actually think. Most video games are pretty mindless (they have their place too I suppose). 

I'm also very into crocheting currently! I'm attempting to make an eternity scarf I saw at Herbergers ($40? I think I'll make one thank you!) it's sort of patchwork, with three different colors in the same scarf. Sounds odd, but it's super cute! 

Do you crochet?
Anyone else played Nancy Drew games? 


  1. What a beautiful outfit! I love the green with the stripes...I think it works really well!

    1. Thanks Ashley!
      Your comments are always appreciated.

  2. I used to have a Nancy Drew game for my GameBoy (wow, that was a LONG time ago), but nowadays, other than an occasional game of Risk or MineSweeper on my computer, I don't really play video games anymore.

    But since you like games that make you think, I do have a real-life game suggestion for you... have you ever tried geocaching?

    Even though my mom used to crochet, I never did. I did once have a friend who started teaching me to knit, but she moved away before I could do it on my own. I do like sewing and no-sew crafts. I haven't had access to a sewing machine for the past few years, so I mostly did hand sewing to make simple bags and mend clothes. I did make a fun no-sew throw out of old t-shirts!

    1. Jessica,
      My family has talked about doing geocaching-so far only talk! ;)

  3. Pretty outfit! The black and white looks good paired with a bright color. Chevrons are cute, but I guess they can have an interesting effect on the eyes. ;)
    I would like to see your scarf when it's all done! :D I crochet too. Actually, I hadn't worked on any projects for a while, but right now am attempting to make an owl purse for Mom; it's a bit of a challenge, since I'm not precisely following any pattern.

    1. I will be sure to share when I finish, Paige!
      Sounds like a fun project you have as well.

  4. CUTE outfit!!! I love that even though our styles are different, I can still say that I think the way you dress is super pretty (and fun too!)!

    I definitely want to see your scarf when it is finished! I can do basic crocheting... it's really fun (I also love arm-knitting to make those big, chunky scarves!).


    1. Thanks Rach!
      I will be sure to share the finished product.

      I totally forgot about arm knitting! I remember you posted a scarf and I immediately found a youtube tutorial to make my own. So fun!


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