What I Wear-Palazzo Pants And Your Advice Needed

I'm wearing: blue jean vest-Ross $10//White Shirt-?//Palazzo Pants-TJ Maxx $10

I thought it might be fun to start a discussion in this post. I was recently reading a website where a ton of girls were giving one another beauty/fashion advice, which I thought was awesome!
   That got me to thinking that I have some pretty awesome readers. So...I want you to share your beauty/fashion tips. What's one (or two, or ten!) things that may be obvious, but rock your world? 

I'll start-Halftee! Seriously, I got a gift card for Christmas and recently purchased 3 brown Halftees (tank top, cap sleeve and long sleeve.) THEY ARE AWESOME! Versatile, useful, a great modesty tool. 

I also have a fashion question! In previous Winters I've worn cheapy boots, which kill my feet. Now that I'm working and earning my own money, I'm looking to invest in a pair of comfortable boots, and pay more than I have previously! 
What brands of boots do you girls love?


  1. I also own a Halftee (white half sleeve) which is especially great for the fall season!
    I've always owned a few scarves, but recently I've really been getting into them. I like the ones that are really wide so you can also use them as a shawl or head wrap. I recently took a bus ride across America (which you can read about on my blog), and I wore a scarf whenever I was on the bus. It provided some fashion when I didn't have the resources to primp up, and I could wrap it around my hair when I slept so I wouldn't get bedhead (or, if I didn't have a bed, would that make it bushead?). Because I care about where my clothes come from and try not to support cruelty to my enslaved brothers and sisters around the world, I have a couple scarves from companies like FashionAble.

    1. Yes! Got to love scarves.
      Have you ever tried an eternity/infinity scarf? Those are my personal favorite kind of scarf.
      Thanks for reading!

    2. I never tried a "real" infinity scarf, but a couple years ago I got a tear in a skirt, and I thought that fabric might make good scarf material. So I made the skirt shorter (to get rid of the tear) and used the bottom part I had cut off as a a scarf. I've seen some scarves on Etsy that have a hidden zippered pocket where you can keep money, passport, and little things like that. I hope I can get one someday. It's kind of like having a purse combined with a scarf! (That's another fashion item I love- 2-in-1 items!)

      Oh and ps- I'm officially launching my blog at the end of the month (when I buy a domain name and promote it like crazy). If you're interested in guests posts that infuse fashion with travel (either you guest post on my blog or I guest post on yours), let me know and we can plan something awesome.

  2. Wow! I absolutely love the background in those first pictures! Are they quaking aspens? The closest I've gotten to up there was Colorado, and I remember loving similar looking trees.
    Cute outfit! Palazzo pants were the one thing I didn't get around to buying this summer :(

    1. Lol! Actually, I have no idea what kind of aspen they are!
      Never asked I suppose.
      You should look at your local Rue 21 (if there's one near you) they have them super cheap right now!

    2. Ah! I've only been there once and totally never thought to look for palazzo pants there. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Boots are my go-to shoes for winter, they're so stylish and versatile! My absolute favorite boots are Frye brand. While they're definitely on the pricey side (although you can sometimes find them on a decent sale at Macy's), they are the most comfortable boots you'll wear - I actually liked mine so much that I bought another pair in black!
    Also, they last a while. I'm on my third season with mine, and they still look great.

    1. Good to know. I will definetely check into some Frye boots. My sister actually suggested the same brand too!
      Have a fantastic weekend,

  4. Adorable outfit...I want to get myself a pair of those pants! As for boots, there are a couple I recommend. I have a super warm and comfortable pair of fur boots like these: I normally wear these in the house because it gets really cold in the winter. For "out of the house" occasions I often wear these boots:
    Hope this helps a little! :)

    1. Thank you for the suggestions, I'll be sure to check them out!
      In Christ,

  5. Hi Natasha!
    I don't really have a good answer for the boot question. I am really a stickler for not spending a lot of money on boots. Although that will probably have to change pretty soon! I get boot wherever I can find them for a decent price. That way I can have several different styles. My favorites are a Pair of Black leather slight heeled cowgirl looking pair that I got on Clearance at Target. It was $5. My new fave is a pair of cheep lace up knee high boots that I got from amazon. Because I don't wear the same pair a lot, it will probably last me all year and they are pretty comfy as well as flat.:) here is the link to the ones I have.

    And here are some that are comparable.

    The one thing I have a complaint about is that I scratched the toe on something sharp and the faux leather peeled off:( Yikes! Halfway my fault.
    But my all time favorite boot is a pair of Mexican made cowboy boots that I Got at a flea market for $15 dollars about 4 years ago! I hear that the one way you cant go wrong is if you buy an expensive pair of cowboy boots. By Expensive I mean in the $100 range. After you break them in they will last you your lifetime! I will probably be buying a new pair soon.
    Sorry could not be more help.

    My Wardrobe got to is my denim vest! It is longer that yours, and I got it at Cato's. I wear it all the time. It is great for hiding in-modest necklines and bust areas. as well as it can jazz up a plain skirt and t-shirt outfit. I don't know what I would do without it! I also love my scarves! I have in the winter time probably close to 25. I am horrible but if I find one at a thrift store for $2 that I really love, what' s a girl to do? Everytime we go somewhere that sells clothes, I always joke and say to my siblings, "Keep me away from the scarves, Oh wait, but look at that one! How much?" I know, terrible right?

    By His Grace,

    1. :) thanks for sharing! I'm hesitant to spend more on boots for the same reason as you-alas, my feet are complaining...what can you do? Plus my family has a history of bad feet, so I'm sort of aiming for preventative medicine.

  6. I just realized you can find expensive cowboy boots (aka Justin, Dans post) lightly used for pretty inexpensive. I already found a pair for my self, They are Justins, and GORG! just don't bid on them, okay? He He!
    BY His Grace,

  7. Cute pants, they look so comfy! Regarding boots, one kind I like is Woman Within/Jessica London/Roaman's, which are all under one big family brand. I don't know what shoe size you are, but I like them cause I wear larger sizes and they go up to 12. Sad thing is their boots only come in wide-calf, so if you don't need that they might be kind of big. Their booties obviously don't have that problem, and they're super cute! Price range for all the boots is usually between about $50-$70, though I just bought a pair of booties on sale for $28. They aren't the best quality regarding materials, but they're much better and more comfortable than most Target, Forever 21, etc. boots.
    Maybe this helps? Hope you find a great brand soon!


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