THM/Trim Healthy Mama-Nutter Butter sugar free, low carb protein shake!

Today I'm sharing a new milkshake/protein shake recipe with you. I've gotten a bit sick of the other shakes for breakfast-while good, I can only eat the same thing for breakfast for so long. 

Nutter Butter Protein Milkshake 

In a blender place;

1 scoop of protein powder
1/4 cup of 2% cottage cheese
2Tbls peanut butter (without sugar!)
1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
1Tbls Of Erythritol
3 "doonks" of stevia (note: sweetner varies from person to person as to how much)
1/4 cup of water
Ice (the more ice, the bigger the drink, but I only put a handful or so in till it's drinkable but creamy)


Magic Chocolate Chunks-adapted skinny chocolate pg 371 in the book. 

In a bowl, melt 2Tbls coconut oil. 
Then add 1Tbls Erythritol, 1Tbls cocoa powder. Mix. Then add a small handful of cashews to the chocolate. 

Pour the chocolate/nuts into blender. 
Here's the magic! Let it sit till it's turned solid. After it's solid (a minute or so) pulse the blender. If you run the blender, it will just make a chocolate shake! So pulsing it creates chunks of nuts and chocolate. 
'Voila! Enjoy. 
Let me know what you think if you try it! 


  1. Mmm- this sounds yummy!

  2. OOOOH! Yum! As a fellow THMer I will definitely be trying this out! Hopefully tomorrow!
    Thanks for the inspiration Natasha!
    By His Grace,

    1. Awesome! I didn't know you were doing THM. What's your favorite E/S meal?

    2. Hi Natasha, So sorry I did not see your question sooner. BlogSpot should send a commenter an email if they got a reply to a comment, no?
      My favorite E meal has been all over the board, But my go-to when we have Ezekiel Bread is to make a sandwich!

      2 slices Ezekiel Bread
      1 packet of Laughing Cow spreadable cheese(available @ Costco)
      Turkey (we get the whole breast from Costco)
      Sliced Cucumber
      ~ I toast the bread slightly to give it a crunch, spread on the cheese. If I am in the mood I put on two LCC. :) Then layer the rest with a little salt.

      My favorite S meal. . . hmmm that is a hard one. I eat a lot of S, I find that I do better with a fat based meal instead of a carb. Ok, I'll just pick one. I really like this Paleo recipe of a Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry. . . Delicious! We usually use Ground beef, its cheaper. Here is the link to a similar recipe. In case you don't know, Coconut Aminos, is a all natural coconut product that tastes like soy sauce, only a little less salty. You could definitely substitute with Soy sauce, just take it easy, ;)

      BTW, I tried the smoothie minus the chocolate cause we didn't have any, and It was AWESOME! I have had if for Breakfast with some Coconut Oil and Heavy Whipping Cream to make it and S.

      I don't follow THM Super Strict as My mama does something Called Ketogenic diet, and I have learned some things from that too, so I kind of Combine knowledge from Paleo, (which I have done before), Keto, and THM. It works for me and I feel great. I don't remember if HWC is a no-no or a ya-go in THM.
      By His Grace,


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