Coffee Chat With Natasha-Controversial Shorts

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One of the questions I received on my survey was about why I'm okay with shorts (as I'm wearing here) but not short skirts? This is a really good question! I hadn't realized I've never covered this subject on my blog before.
    First of all, I'm not being wishy washy or anything like that, but modesty truly is different from person to person. Show me a verse in the Bible where it specifically says "thou shalt not wear ____." And we'll talk. I don't believe pants or shorts are against God's desire for us to wear modest apparel-within reason. We all know there are super tight pants and barely there shorts; we're not talking about those. 

To be honest, I wouldn't feel comfortable in shorts any shorter than these. The reason I'm okay wearing shorts at this length (versus a skirt this length) is for a simple reason: shorts stay in place, skirts don't! Shorts don't really show more at this length when you bend over or the wind blows. Skirts, however, show much more when you bend over and a lot more when the wind blows. 
Am I saying you should wear shorts? That answer is entirely up to you and God. I can't tell you one way or another-this is just my feelings about shorts! 

Now it's your turn: what are your thoughts on shorts? 


  1. I agree with you completely about the whole shorts/skirts issue! I wear shorts about the same length as yours and, personally, wouldn't go any shorter either. I keep my skirts at knee-length or longer, just to be on the "un-distracting" side. :-) Cute outfit and good thoughts!

  2. Hey Natasha!

    My family as well as myself personally don't wear shorts/pants for one simple reason... Feminine verses less/not feminine. We believe God would have to dress modestly, but also draw a line on males and females. Ya know? I mean there's definitely some pants that are more modest then some skirts... We just try to find modest skirts! :) Just thought I'd share my convictions. :)

    Thanks for your ministry! Have a wonderful day!


  3. I'll wear shorts this short, but also short skirts BUT I have to learn to bend down the right way, and always hold it to me when it's windy and all but I love short skirts especially with knee-high socks or tights. Because my legs are always hot, even in winter. :)

  4. Pretty outfit! I like the color of your top. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I wear shorts too, but I don't like them to be any higher than the top of my knee or to be tight. :)

  5. I agree with you on the shorts! Although I would wear shorts just a little longer then these! But that is just my preference!! Great way of putting it!-Rebekah

  6. I 100% agree with you on the whole shorts vs short skirts thing. I used to ask myself the same thing! I like my shorts to be no shorter than mid- thigh. I really like the length of the ones you are wearing!

  7. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! I love the "Magic" of buns as well! : )

  8. I agree that shorts are fine, but I'm just not very comfortable in them most of the time--I don't think they flatter me ;) I like these shorts on you though!!

    dance a real

  9. Love the earrings! What a fun souvenir!
    I don't usually wear shorts. I don't think they are immodest, I just don't have any that fit "just right" enough to wear in public. They usually only get worn to do house/yard work in the warm months.
    I prefer skirts be at least knee length, mainly for convenience, so I can wear knee highs instead of hose/tights.
    Jenny K.

  10. This is such an adorable outfit! I love it! Modest and practical for a hot day! Beautiful...

  11. I hardly ever wear shorts out, except if it's really hot outside. My shortest shorts are a hand above the knee. But I would never wear a skirt that is that short!
    I do think that ladies should cover their thighs except for when it's really hot out, but other than that I do think it's alright to wear shorts. But to everything there is a limit. I really don't see how some girls wear shorts that are so short they like underclothing. I think it must be uncomfortable!

  12. I live where it is very hot much of the year. Still I rarely wear shorts, but there are occassions where nothing else makes sense; for example biking riding when it's 90 degrees out. I also wear them pretty much to the knee when I do. I used to wear rather short skirts but finally realized that these are not only immodest but uncomfortable. If one has to always be checking to make sure nothing is showing, there is a problem with the outfit! This is why I hate strapless dresses. All you see are girls walking around yanking the tops of the dresses up every few minutes. Anyway, I think your outfit here is cute and apropriate for certain activities.


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