What I Wear-(Harem?) Pants And DW Questions

I'm wearing: denim vest-Target $10, Black T-shirt-Target $7, "Harem" pants-TJ Maxx-$10

These pants look deceivingly like a maxi skirt. Which is awesome! As my title suggests, I'm not quite sure they qualify as "harem" pants? From googling I guess  they're not, so I don't really know what to call them! So from hence forth I shall refer to them as "harem pants" till someone can tell me something else to call them. I have one more pair I purchased. To be honest, I wasn't sure I was brave enough to wear them ( hint: the other ones are crazier!). But then I decided-"why care what other people are thinking about them? I like them, that's all that matters!"

This past weekend my brother, sister-in-law and nephew moved back to Montana-long story I'd rather not get into on my blog. But bottom line, I got to see my adorable little nephew, Zion. I'm totally biased, he's the cutest! 
I'm making an effort to put blogging as a priority, consistency is key-right?
Today was filled with teaching language arts for my younger siblings, bookwork for our family business, cleaning house, chopping veggies for dinner and a bit of piano practice. 

People who've read my blog for awhile may know I'm a Doctor Who fan. I was recently asked what I think of the latest Doctor-answer; he's growing on me! At first I hated him! He's a bit of a change, but I could get used to him. Only sad to know Clara will be leaving at Christmas, but such is DW, change is inevitable. 


  1. Ohhhhh, I love your outfit! I believe those are called palazzo pants. I've wanted some for a long time now, so I'm quite jealous! ;)


  2. Cute outfit, as always! I have a pair of pants that are similar in style/cut (which I wore in this blog post: and I believe they are called "palazzo pants". If you look that up, you'll see that they match with that style. I LOVE mine!!!! I hope I can find more that I like soon... For autumn/winter they would be ideal!

    Hehe, thanks for answering my DW question!!! I am of the same opinion... at first I was like "ugh!!! bring Matt back!!!!". But, while I still miss Matt, the new Doctor is working his way into my heart. :-) I loved this last episode (Listen)!!!!

    Much love!!!

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  4. I think the pants are called palazzo pants.....
    I like this outfit-it looks really cute on you!
    Oh- and Zion is ADORABLE!!

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