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I know a lot of girls tend to wear jeans because they simply don't know how to dress a skirt down. I'm certainly aware of the fact that some occasions just do not call for "classy/dressy" outfits. I live in a small town where the majority of people wear sweats (not to mention comment)
So for me to head into Wal Mart in pearls, a LBD and heels is sort of ridiculous. There's a difference between dressing with care, and plain old dressing inappropriate for an occasion. Yes, you should put effort into how you dress. No, you should not go to  a casual event wearing stilettos and a dress suit. 

So, I'd like to share a few tips with you on how to wear skirts In a casual setting. 
  For instance, my sisters and I are going to the movies and a hockey game tonight. Obviously I can't wear something super dressy. So here's how I decided what to wear:
I chose my Kosher Casual skirt, it's long and comfy, yet not too dressy. The dark wash is good for settings where I might get something on me (I.E sitting in bleachers ; ) 
After I picked my skirt, my go to casual item is usually a hoodie. Hoodies can look frumpy very easily. Try to pick a hoodie that's fitted (I only wear zippered hoodies, which we call "zippies"). If it's baggy it just doesn't look good with a skirt (in my opinion). The obvious choice for under my hoodie was a matching tshirt. You could stop there, but I always like to add a cute pair of earrings and a simple necklace. Don't add a statement necklace or anything too dressy if you're trying to keep it casual. 
A note on my shoes, I used to think tennis shoes with skirts was absolutely tacky! However, I realized it was because I'd always seen people wear skirts with actual running shoes. While that's fine, it's not my style. I saw people like Ashley and Olivia sporting kicks and realized, yes! That's it! So here I am, wearing kicks (tennis shoes)
So that's how I wear skirts casually. What are your tips?

I'm wearing: Red Heart hoodie-thrifted $3.99//White shirt-Target $5//Skirt-C/O $16


  1. I definitely dress down 80% of the time. Comfort is becoming more of my friend over fashion as I get older! Love how your hair looks from the side :)


  2. I like your outfit Natasha! It seems just right for your plans. :) Your skirt is so comfy looking.
    My area is pretty casual too (we have a lot of hippie type people) so most of the time I'm dressed more nicely than the people I'm around! For me, dressing casually in a skirt means not wearing heels or anything too fancy in the way of tops and jewelry.

  3. Cute! I like the way you were able to "dress down" your skirt for a more casual look. :) I love that skirts can be made more casual, though...maybe by just wearing a simple tshirt or whatever. Honestly, I'm at that point where I think skirts are also way more comfortable than jeans, haha. So I'll wear them pretty regularly...and with lots of layers now that it's cold.

    Vicki Grace


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