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Am I the only one who feels like time has sped up soooo much?!? My weeks fly by in a blur of work, play and sleep. Can it truly be almost the end of January? 
With January comes a ton of paperwork for me. I do the books and payroll (among various other things) for our family business, so January is a fun month! Printing a seemingly endless amount of paperwork and filling out forms has kept me busy! Did you know I'm an obsessive perfectionist? Yep, so me and taxes have some, shall we say, issues? 

My mom had the awesome idea of taking my outfit photos in the hallway of our church building (we rent out an old school with quite a few businesses). I'm not at all distrubed to tell you these were taken in front of the bathroom. Where else do you take photos?! :D

Anywho...I've been kicking around the idea of doing another video, but then I think "what would I talk about?" So now I'm going to unashamedly shift the responsibility over to you my dear reader! 
What video would you like to see? 

Now that I've bored you with seemingly random bits that made sense in my head....
I'm wearing:Dress-C/O eShakti//Hat-gift//boots-Forever 21 $25


  1. I love this dress! Eshakti makes beautiful dresses. I absolutely love the one I have from them. Those steps are CRAZY looking!


  2. Your outfit is just darling and well put-together! What a fun, vintage-y looking place to take photos...even if it is in front of a bathroom. ;P
    A video? Hm...have you ever done a room tour?

  3. Very cute outfit! And I would have never guess that you took these photos outside of a bathroom!

  4. That dress is very cute!

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  5. Lovely polka dot dress


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