What I Wear-Firmoo Vintage style glasses!

I'm wearing-Firmoo vintage glasses//Red sweater-Rue 21 $6//Skirt-C/O Kosher Casual 

Are these glasses awesome, or what? Firmoo contacted me to see if I would review a pair of their glasses, of course I had to say "Yes!" After much debate, I decided to go with these cute vintage style glasses. I have black and purple glasses, why not red?

In addition to being super cute, they're also very well made. The frames are sturdy and don't feel like they could break at any point, unlike some glasses I've purchased. 
The shipping was fast, the customer service was friendly and replyed in a very timely matter. 
I know some people are nervous about ordering prescription glasses via the internet, but it's a snap! Just get the prescription from your eye Dr. and enter the numbers, that easy! No guess work here. 

Best news you've heard all day-as a first time customer, you get 50% off! How sweet is that!? That's everything, site wide. You can even get frames with no prescription, or sunglasses, or prescription sunglasses or, well, you get the idea! 


  1. Okay, these are my favorite glasses on you EVER! Seriously, SO cute and very flattering to your coloring and face shape! LOVE!!! Cute outfit too!


  2. They look super cool! Love them! :)

  3. Wow! That sweater was a great bargain!! I just have to say that I LOVE your hair! You should totally give us a tutorial ;). It's great to see a fellow Christian dressing for God. I am definitely following :)

    Blaze Ann

    1. I actually did a video tutorial already:
      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Natasha, this is SO CUTE! I love the glasses. And the sweater. And the skirt. And your HAIR! So beautiful. Thanks for sharing this and for taking such a positive godly approach to fashion.

    God bless!

  5. Fun glasses! They look nice on you, especially with the red sweater. Do you wear prescription lenses?


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