What I Wear-Y-O-U are beautiful!

I'm westing: denim vest-Vanity $10//Teal Shirt-thrifted $3.99//Brown tie dye skirt-thrifted $5//Camel boots-Keen $80//Jewelry-gifts 

Hey, guess what? You're so beautiful! I know we've talked about this so many times, yet it's a subject I think needs reiterating. We're constantly bombarded with the world's view of "beauty." We all know the drill: perfect hair (dictated by the latest fad), flawless skin, thin (not too thin), and of course always dressed impeccably! 
Why do we constantly beat ourselves up, tearing down a creation of our Savior?
Does God make mistakes? You may never be size 2 (I know I won't!) 

Reality check-beauty comes in many different shapes and forms. I think it's sort of ironic and funny (well...not really...) that Christians talk about having a "perfect" body in eternity. In our heads, what does that entail? Obviously we're going to be super gorgeous-nothing like we look now! But my thoughts are, what if we look just like we do now? Only void of decay, sin-and don't forget aches and pains. Do you really think God created you as an ugly being? He just randomly picked people to be ugly? Or could it be that He made us all beautiful in His eyes? Maybe, just maybe, you're beautiful after all. Maybe you don't need the world's approval. 


  1. Great post!! You are beautiful too! :-)

    I will never be a size 2 either. At my skinniest (at age 15 when teenaged guys were telling me to gain weight), I was a size 6. I've also always weighed a lot more than people think I do. Seriously, one person guessed me to weigh 20 pounds lighter than I was once! I am definitely not a 6 now and I know I wouldn't look healthy at that size since my body has only changed/matured since then (it's incredible what 7 years will do at such a developmental stage in life). I am a tall, big boned girl... and that's okay! :-) We are all different and beautiful! God doesn't make mistakes, He makes beauty.

    LOVE your earrings, by the way!!!

  2. Wow, Thank you so much! You have know idea how much I needed to hear/read this. I haven't felt like I'm beautiful recently, and this post just really reminded me of just how beautiful I am!
    You look gorgeous!! Love your outfit! : )

  3. Cute! :) I like the color of your top; it goes well with your peacock jewelry.
    Those were thought-provoking words on our new bodies - it will be exciting to see what they're like!

  4. This is a great post! I like what you said about how God made us and we are beautiful in his sight!


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