I thought I'd preface this with a disclaimer/explanation! The past couple of posts where I shared this, I think you ladies have gotten the idea that I'm the one doing this link up. While I wish I was the genius who started it, I'm not. If you're interested in joining the link party, click the header and it'll direct you to the website where you can enter!
It is officially SPRING! Our bloggers are as lovely and bright as the flowers of springtime! Time to whip out our circle skirts and cardigans and layer light with delight. Here are some fun posts to celebrate the first week of spring:

  • A Day in the Lalz: Scenic

  • A LA MODEST: Women Problems and Solutions

  • Downtown Demure: My Monochromatic ‘First Day of Spring’ Outfit

  • Minnie Muse: A Musing Skirt

  • Modest Fashion Blogger SA: How I feel about modesty…

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