What I Wear-Wardrobe Abyss, Paisley Maxi Dress And Lace Crop Top


I bought this dress last Summer, but for some unknown reason, this is my first time wearing it. 
  I'm hoping that I'm not alone in this, but lately I've been staring into my closet and everything looks "blah." Why?! I go through this every so often. I'll try a gazzilion outfits on, they either don't fit (too loose, too tight, too...etc.) or I just can't seem to find something to go with them. So I throw a tshirt and blue jean skirt (or sweat pants....or, you know...occasionally I just keep my pjs on. Wait, what?) 

There's this misconception that fashion bloggers are fashion forward and put together 100% of the time. Um, yeah, sure! Of course I've never worn my workout clothes all day because I'm lazy. Of course I've never worn a hat to hide my hideously greasy hair. Of course I've never spent an hour just staring into my closet. I'm a fashion blogger, who does that?! Oh yeah...I just did that last week.
  Sometimes I feel like a total psycho, why would anyone take fashion advice from me? But then I think, ladies need a real person to help, one who occasionally dresses in ripped jeans and a $2 shirt.  

  Perhaps what makes fashion bloggers special is we're not afraid to put outfits on our blog for all the world to see and criticize. Sometimes we look cute and fashionable, other times we look like total slobs. You know how you see pictures of celebrities with sunglasses and no makeup-who do they think they're fooling? I say "Ha! I'm embracing my imperfection and wearing comfy today instead of cute." 

Now be honest, how long has it been since you wore pjs all day? 
And my second question, how do you get out of a clothing rut/abyss? 

Wearing-lace crop top-Debs $5?//Paisley maxi dress-$10//retro vintage style sandals-Amazon $99


  1. Hehe, thanks for the honesty!!! I have been living in pj's/sweats recently... partially because of my morning sickness (which is, thankfully, pretty much gone now) and also partially because I'm lazy AND partially because my pants don't fit anymore (at least not comfortably!). :-P When I get in a rut or feel the need for a closet revamp, I make myself wear items I haven't worn in forever with the purpose of either falling in love all over again or donating the item! If I can't wear something for more than a few hours without wanting to change, it is not worth keeping... and then sometimes items surprise me and end up becoming a favorite. It is a win-win!

    Cute outfit! Especially love your shoes and lace top!

  2. I totally get what you mean. The last time I wore pajamas all day was just a few days ago... It happens to me all the time! And that hat thing? So, so accurate. Thanks for the honesty, I think it's great!


    p.s. I love how you styled that lace crop top!

  3. I generally throw a shirt and jeans on, but when I'm feeling lazy, I actually wear a cute skirt and shirt, just because its easier than getting into my jeans!

    I have not worn pjs all day in forever, because I'm not allowed to! Mom says, "Get dressed" and besides.. it makes me feel BLEH if I stay in pjs all day! I love that you and Olivia Howard are always so honest about how you're not always cute and put together! Makes it feel more real ;)

    Cute outfit :)


  4. I LOVE everything you said in this post!!! So very true!!! This is totally me:) hehe!!

  5. This is such a pretty, springy outfit Natasha! I'm glad you decided to pull this dress out.
    Oh yes, there are definitely days when I'm in a wardrobe abyss. At times like that my mom will help me come up with new ideas for blog outfits.
    I don't like the feeling of wearing pjs all day, but there are many saturdays where I'm in them until noon...;)

  6. Such a pretty colorful summer outfit~!

  7. Guilty as charged: jammers were worn all last week. 0.o

    I'm not a fashion blogger, but I do care about I wear. . .except for so-said jammer weeks! ;) however, I think it's all a fun delightful challenge to take a blah-wardrobe and get super creative with new outfits. I still think we girls need to chillax and be comfortable being frumpy occasionally. . .in something other than sweatpants. :)

  8. I haven't spent a day in my pajamas for a while but that's just because I work full time.

    That being said, I have plenty of days when I just don't even try. I throw on jeans and a t-shirt and go to work with my hair as it is because I'm too tired or distracted to even care. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of those days. But they happen.

    I've been having a difficult time finding things to wear lately. I wonder if it's because of the warm weather. I love dressing for spring, but I'm still in my winter-wear groove and so now when I wake up in the morning, my mind sort of draws a blank because I can't wear the boots and scarves I normally wear...time to get warmed up to spring, I guess!

    Blogger Dani Fisher | a vapor in the wind

  9. First of all, you look beautiful sweetie!
    I haven't worn my pjs all day in a long time, mostly because I go to work every day! I usually go with a chic jacket whenever I am in a clothing rut. I also love good pair of heels! (My blog makes that clear!)
    <3 Margaret

  10. I LOVE your shoes!! They look comfy for everyday walking and they're super cute. I'm hoping to get some brown leather ones in the mail soon!


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