What I Wear-Cheery Blue Cardigan And Strange Goings On!

I love this color blue! Something about it is just so cheery.
For the next few posts, you're going to be super confused. Why, you ask? Because our Montana Spring has come early. It's been about mid fifties, to sixties! There's just something about a little sunshine that lifts ones spirits. 
 Unfortunately, I'm way behind in posting, in fact this is an outfit I wore nearly two weeks ago! So if it seems strange that I'm wearing boots one day, sandals the next-you'll know why. 

I mentioned a few posts back that I joined the Instagram ranks. Now I'm fairly certain I'm hooked! Millions of people posting random photos, how much better does it get? 
You also might notice I've added social media buttons to my sidebar. 
Now you can stalk me wherever you like, lol! Including Instagram (the camera icon). 

I'm interested to know-how would you style this cardigan? 

I'm wearing-blue cardigan-thrifted $3.00//Leopard print shirt-Rue 21 $3//Black pencil skirt-Maurice's $10//Brown boots-Skechers $? 


  1. I love every post you make. I love seeing how you style everything. If I could comment. I think these pics don't give your outfit justice. Also, I think a white frilly blouse would look good with the cardigan.

  2. Cute- I like that blue. Can you let me know more about the modest fashion blogger group?! I'd like to maybe join. :)
    I hope you can stop by my bloggie too. I just did an interview and style post on this awesome fair trade fashion company. Let me know what you think! I look forward to your reply.

    Blessings and Happy Sunday,

  3. Very cute! The blue and the leopard print go so well together. I like the idea of something more formal, like a black sequenced blouse, with the blue cardigan. The nice thing about this piece of clothing is that it could go with a more casual outfit as well as a formal one. :)


    a vapor in the wind

  4. Hi Natasha! Nice to meet you! I think your cardie is beautiful! I love cobalt! How would I wear it? Hmm, I might pair it with a black dress and mustard tights or with a red top or even a stripy tank top. It's very versatile!x


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