What I Wear-In Love With eShakti!

This beautiful dress was given to me by eShakti for my honest review. I can 100% say this dress (you can buy it HERE) is the best dress evah! Usually with white dresses (or shirts, etc.) the fabric is so thin I have to wear something under it. With this dress? Nope. It's thick enough to wear by itself with nothing showing through, yet not so heavy it's too warm. This dress will be perfect heading into Summer.

Why buy from eShakti? They have beautiful, high quality clothes, yes. But they also cater to the modest fashion conscious. With this dress, I was able to indicate that I wanted knee length, I chose the sweetheart neckline and the sleeves are also customizable (I stuck with what they had on the stock photo). The best part of this dress? Two awesome deep pockets for a cell phone and keys (sadly lacking in other dresses/skirts). 

The dresses are pretty expensive, but they have this awesome deal going that you can get a $40 gift card if you've never shopped with them before. On top of that, they have a sale going on for up to
50% off! 
Hypothetically you could get a beautiful dress for under $20 plus shipping (and you get free customization of your first order!) like one of these:
Floral Dress $59.95-$40GC= $19.95   Yellow dress $44.95-$40GC=$4.95 

Denim flare skirt $59.95-$40GC=$19.95      Dress $47.95-$40GC=$7.95

you're welcome for tempting you with these beauties! I should mention the sale is only for another day, so don't procrastinate! 

Have you ever shopped with eShakti before?


  1. Beautiful dress Natasha! :D You made a great choice.
    Wow, that's a good deal.

  2. OHHHH you look gorgeous!!! Love this dress on you!!! Really wish I could take advantage of the sale, but being preggers is limiting my online shopping (plus just not knowing what my post-pregnant body is going to be like!). LOVE the floral dress you show above... very me. :-)

  3. You are way too beautiful in that dress, I want one!!! lol
    Thanks for sharing about eShakti, they have some really cute outfits.

  4. Love that dress! I have ordered 2 dresses from Eshakti during a great sale....and love them both. I would that dress you are wearing!

    Feminine Modesty

  5. I've been in love with eshakti for some time! In the summer of 2013, my sister Anna bought all of her bridesmaids dresses off of eshakti for her wedding. My mother also bought her dress for the wedding from eshakti. And last winter I bought another dress from them for the play "It's a Wonderful Life"...well, the play was my excuse. I really just wanted another eshakti dress. ;)

    Dani from A Vapor in the Wind

  6. Love the waistband on your dress - so pretty!

    I have two eShakti dresses and I absolutely love them. The style, the customization, the fabric - and the pockets!! :D

  7. That dress is gorgeous! It's the ultimate sunny summer's day dress :)

  8. What a beautiful dress! I'm happy to hear that it is not see-through! (I love white clothing items, but I usually never buy them, because of the see-through factor.) Also, the pockets sound amazing! I will need to check out eShakti!

    Anna ~

  9. You look gorgeous! That dress is so pretty!

    Vicki Grace

  10. Love it , i wish eshakti would ship to Australia you look great really suits you.

  11. Oh my goodness! This dress is SO CUTE! Love how it matches with your sandals...just adorable!

  12. That is so cool they sent you a dress! You look so beautiful in it and I love the style and how you did your hair with it! Lovely!!!


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