What I Wear-Fashion Bucket List!

As Spring rolls along, I find myself staring into my closet, first checking the weather on my phone. Seriously, it's that bad! One day it's gorgeous, the next it's snowing and then back again. I can't complain too much, I'm incredibly blessed to live in picturesque Montana. 

Life has been insane lately, hopping from one project to the next! I'm looking forward to celebrating my birthday on Wednesday. I'm turning 21. 21! Seriously? I feel like I just turned 16! 
My message to you gals reading this (who're younger than me): enjoy your life. I was so stressed about my future before I graduated, I didn't enjoy that time in my life. The future will come soon enough, if you're seeking God, reading your Bible and praying, you have nothing to fear. Time goes by, things that seem like a huge deal at one age, are inconsequential the next year. 

Total bounce of subjects here but, this year I want to try different things fashion wise. 
I want to try pattern mixing, branch out and try different styles of clothing. 

What else should be on my "fashion bucket list"?

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