What I Wear-Floral Dress And Lace Crop Top

This lace crop top is actually serving two purposes-1. It's cute and breaks up the pattern. 2. It's covering up the fact that this dres is just a bit too snug in the bust area. It fits, but the buttons gap, which I'm not comfortable with. So 'voila! Instant fit fixer. 

My excuse for not posting much lately is that it's been too hot! I've pretty much been living in shorts and a tank top or tshirt. Who wants to see that for ten posts in a row?! 
But thankfully with the hot weather come lots of festivals and fun. 
My mom, siblings and I were able to watch Inside Out at the drive in theater-so fun! Have any of you seen Inside Out? Such a cute movie. 

Do you have any sneaky "fit fixer" tips? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear your tip. 
I'm wearing-floral dress-thrifted $3.99//White lace crop top-Debs $5 


  1. I really love this dress and the lace top. We did get to see Inside Out for one of our family member's birthday. It was such a good movie but it doesn't seem like that many people I know have gone to see it.

  2. You look beautiful Natasha. :) I like the lace.
    I have seen Inside Out and it is cute!

  3. Super pretty outfit!!! I love how you hid your "fit" problem in such a cute way (would never have guessed!). If something is button-up and too tight up top, I usually just leave it unbuttoned and wear something underneath... nothing revolutionary. ;-)

    Andrew and I really enjoyed Inside Out! SOOO cute!


  4. hi i love your idea in wearing a crop top so cute and fun, i don't like it when buttons gap too. i wear an under shirt at all time so it does not matter to much but still, i have seen inside and out , i saw it with my mum and sister and we all loved it so much and thought it was so cute and fun but still imaginative and thoughtful, we also saw the minion movie too which was very cute but did not have much of a story line but just cute to watch.


  5. Thats really clever! I would have never thought of layering the lace over the dress! The lace top also gives the vintage floral a modern vibe! Looking pretty!

  6. You just look like a wonderful Christian lady wearing that. Very pretty with the lace cardigan.

  7. Wow! I love how you styled the lace crop top with a midi dress. I'm going to have to try it some time!

    ❤ Blaze Ann

  8. You look so pretty <3 Love the lace crop top!

  9. That lace top- PERFECT touch! So. Cute (and unique!)
    I definitely know what you mean by heat....Oregon has gone 39 days without rain. And for those who have lived in Oregon know that is RARE. This has been the hottest and driest summer ever recorded! But, I cannot complain! I am enjoying the heat for a change! :)

  10. I actually have been buying crop tops for the purpose of layering. Such a great idea, indeed :) The lace makes it breathable, too. Lovely dress girly!

  11. nice! very appropriate for summer too. too often bloggers recommend lots of layering to stay modest but they must not have hot summers where they live because for those of us that do, it's usually impossible!


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