What I Wear-"Feels Like Me" and Meeting Raquel

For some unknown reason, I really love this dress! It just feels like "me." It's obviously too short to wear by itself, so I wore black leggings underneath for coverage. Considering I scored this dress for $3.99 at Goodwill, how can I go wrong wearing it? Truly though, it's one of those awesome pieces that doesn't need a lot of accessories, just a grab and go outfit. 

I'm late posting (I know, shame on me!). Lately posts get up when they get up. I've been pretty busy and this nasty 95deg, + days are not helping matters. FYI- I'm threatening to move to Alaska (jk). 
On a completely different, totally unrelated side note, I got to visit with Raquel when she was in town last week. This was our first time meeting in person, which was pretty awesome. We had coffee and just talked. it's always fun meeting people who I've talked to/read on the internet, much better in person though :) 


  1. You look fabulous! I like the bold colors, and the flower on it. Very nice

  2. Nice Dress love how it looks, I wear leggings under all my skirts and dresses as i need the covering as i have nerve damage and get spams. The leggings help with preventing them.


  3. That dress fits you perfectly! Not to loose, but not to tight :) And love the bright pop of color in the flower on the dress!

  4. I think the dress is too short. Sure it's worldly pretty, but you'll be attracting the wrong type of men with that. I know you're exploring fashion, but don't let modern beauty do it's thing to you! Wear clothes that you know represent a good testimony of God. I know it might hurt, but I have to say it.

  5. I love the dress, and I think that it fits perfectly with your look. :) Wear clothes that make you happy and don't worry about the others.


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