What I Wear-How To Wear Shorts Modestly

Im sure you clicked and were like "What?! Shorts?! Aren't those immodest?" My answer would be-no. There are certain items the modest community dismiss straight away, no questions asked. 
I don't wear skirts very far above my knee. My reasoning is that if I bend over, a skirt is going to show a lot more than I'm going to be okay with. Shorts are a different story, I have to feel comfortable in them, I can't be constantly tugging them down. About two-three inches below my finger tips (with arms at my sides) is as short as I would ever go. Some people won't agree with me, some women don't believe pants are okay. 

I hope that everyone feels safe here, that no one has to feel like they have to dress a certain way (except what The Lord personally leads you to). Dressing for other people, letting others tell you what is and isn't modest, nope-not the answer. If you don't own your convictions, you'll easily drop them. 
Being swayed too easily will cause you to be tossed about, decide what modest is to you-and own it! 

Do you wear shorts? Why or why not?

I'm wearing-striped shirt-Ross $5.00//White shorts-Eddie Bauer $10//flip flops-Skechers $39


  1. Your hair looks really nice up! I personally don't wear shorts (believe it or not) and disliked it growing up too before I even started dressing modestly. I just didn't like how I looked in them. In general, I just don't like my knees...which is not a modest reason but rather an insecurity! Coco Chanel also disliked her knees, or others' knees even. So when I show my knees, I'm actually being pretty bold.

    That's a good point that you made about shorts being different when bending over. Never thought of that, but it is true. You look cute in shorts!

  2. Yup, I wear shorts! And... some shorter than yours :) But not SUPER short if you know what I mean! I think it's great that you posted this! It's very true!

  3. great post! I definitely feel the same way about shorts! I have a hard time finding them long enough so all of mine at the moment are cut off jeans that way they're exactly the length I want them. if I don't want the frays I cut them long enough so they can be rolled up a couple times. I actually just went shopping yesterday hoping to find a modest pair of shorts but didn't have any luck.

    1. Have you tried looking on ThredUp for shorts. I had a hard time finding modest shorts and then I looked on ThredUp and found a pair that I love! On ThredUp it also tells you the inseam length so that you know how long they are before you purchase them.

  4. Since you asked, I don't personally wear shorts, except under skirts for modesty when exercising or working in the garden. I prefer the femininity of skirts, and I don't feel fully dressed in pants/shorts, since the skin is covered, but the shape of the legs, backside, etc. are still quite visible. But that's just my choice and conviction, not trying to be Pharisaical towards others with different standards of dress :-)

  5. Replies
    1. Haha-oops!
      I love that outfit! I am loving most white-things this season! Looking cute!

  6. "that women adorn themselves in modest apparel"
    "But which becometh women professing godliness with good works."
    I don't think shorts are immodest. I actually think they're more feminine than pants, but I sure don't think it is becoming to women that profess godliness! Seriously, I don't think it's a good testimony. If you're swimming, shorts are needed, but otherwise it's not becoming, and it's definitely not cute like a skirt is! Why not where a short skirt with shorts under it instead?

  7. I wear shorts, but not shorter than fingertip length. It's kind of a must in the summer, since I live in a small town where any skirt would look too dressy on a weekday.
    I think it's important not to be too legalistic about modesty, so I'm glad that you shared this! :)

  8. I don't personally wear shorts because they don't look good on me at any length. I don't have a problem with longer shorts like yours though, especially on the hottest days and especially for certain activities such as bike riding. I've tried wearing a skirt to ride a bike and let me tell you, it doesn't work out too well and is kind of immodest too! I wear a pair of capri pants for bike riding usually. I let my little daughter wear shorts in the summer, especially for outdoor play at the playground. It is VERY hard to fine longer, more modest shorts for little girls. Most of them are only an inch or two long in the inseam! They aren't much longer than underwear. I refuse to buy or allow those. So she only has about two pairs of shorts. She has a few at the knee length skirts with shorts built in and a pair of capri pants (a lot of the pants are "skinny" style now and very tight, so modest pants are hard to find too). If anyone has any suggestions of where to get active wear modest clothes for little girls (she is growing out of size 6 into size 7's which seem even worse), please let me know! Thanks!

    1. Agreeing with you on the shorty-shorts for little girls! :-( My nieces often wear boys shorts... if you find a classic style (such as denim or just cotton with elastic waists), they can pass for baggy, long girls shorts. I know that some people also attach a little lace to the bottoms of the legs to make them more girly, but I don't think that's necessary, just optional. :-) Hope this helps.

  9. I'm not a adult yet but I am already 5'11 so I have trouble finding shorts the one rule in my house hold about shorts is that when I sit crisscross and then I stand up my shorts have to reach the fingertips can't pull them down before i measure I which means I have normally go for a semi fitted Bermuda so when they raise up they look mid thigh

  10. Love your blog! You've got some great ideas. I personally do not wear shorts. The reason is because they seem to form-fitting around the backside/thighs. I do always wear shorts under my skirts, though! It's just my personal conviction.
    Keep up the good work!:-)


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