What I Wear-Embracing Simplicity

My last post I talked about "Dressing Your Truth." 
It's pretty neat, one of the keywords that describe type 4 is simple. That's so me! I used to feel bad about not wearing more jewelry, now I know if I think it's too much, it probably is.

It's cut my getting dressed time in half, seriously! Why? I think because all my items thus far go together. I pretty much I put an outfit on, jewelry, maybe some makeup and go.
It's given me an excuse to purge my closet. Painful as it was, I needed to do it. I went through my clothes and pulled anything out I haven't worn in a while, or never wore. I also donated a bunch of my jewelry that just wasn't "me." 

When was the last time you purged your closet? 

I'm wearing-royal blue shirt-Ross $6//White Skirt-Thrifted $3.99//Flip flops-Skechers $39
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  1. love the outfit, i purged my closet last month when i found dressing your truth too and i also started a 2 season capsule wardrobe too. but it is more than most as i have autism and sensory processing disorder. They affect how i dress. I am very simple in my dressing to but i love makeup and jewellery as i make jewellery.


  2. Beautiful outfit! :D I like that vibrant royal blue.
    It's great that you've been cleaning out your closet. I haven't done a big purge in a while. Usually I try to get rid of things as I buy things but haven't done that as much lately...oops. ;P

  3. I love your hair, Natasha!

    Bree @

  4. I keep some out of season clothes in a storage tote. When I put away my winter sweaters and pull out my summer shirts in the spring, I turn all of the hangers backwards. Then when I wear things I hang them back up with the hangers going the right way and I always re-hang things to the left side of the closet so the stuff that is rarely worn ends up on the right and anything still on backward hangers should (that haven't been worn all season) end up on the far right. This makes it easy for me to see what I am not wearing and anything that I haven't worn I give major consideration to donating. Hope that makes sense.
    I've thought about trying a capsule wardroom, but I'm not quite brave enough.
    Your royal blue top is so pretty. I love the color and the lace detail.

    Jenny K.

  5. wow, you're really pretty!

  6. Hello,

    Very nice look ! :D


  7. I purged my closet a few weeks ago...I was putting away some clean laundry one day and I got frustrated that I was out of hangers AGAIN, when I realized that I have a ton of clothes (especially jeans) that I hardly ever wear, even some that I haven't worn in years. I decided it was time to take a big Goodwill Drop-Off trip! I love your hair in these pictures by the way!
    Katie Forsyth

  8. Love this! I have purged my closet twice when I moved in the past two years! I'm doing the Dress Your Truth thing right now too so maybe a third time is in the near future. I nominated you for an award over on my blog!

  9. I love bold blue color!

  10. Have I ever mentioned how much I adore you hair. It's stunning and looks so healthy. I also like your "simple" and modest style. You look lovely!

    Sadly, I haven't purged in a while or taken a recent inventory of my closet to make sure I'm not buying things I already have. Thanks for reminding me to do that, Natasha!

    Liz @ Downtown Demure

  11. I think it is good to dress simply. It puts less attention on ourselves and I think fashion tends to do that. I guess that is why I have posted a lot less fashion posts than I used to. . . .I also don't own many clothes like I once had. I like this outfit. I have all my clothes fit into one drawer now. My husband uses 4 drawers. . . though he gets maybe a shirt per year and has had the same clothes for a decade and wears them until they die, so really he is doing fine too. I have been working out the idea of starting to make my own clothing instead of buying clothes.


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