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I'm not sure that I ever mentioned that my dad closed our church down in June. Sometimes I'm not sure how much personal stuff I should or want to share. Anyways....
My dad felt like God was telling him we were done. Since then it's been rather strange for me. I never had the choice of where to go to church, it was always the one my dad pastored. Now I'm in a different season of life. We decided it would be a good idea to go to another city and attend church there for the Summer, get a break and allow people from our church to find their churches first. 
Now comes the cooler weather and with it a question. Where to now?  
In visiting churches I've found something lacking: friendliness. 
   It's bizarre for me being a visitor, my whole life my dad was a pastor, so I'm on the other side of things. The feeling of being out of place, awkward and unsettled. I wanted to take this opportunity and to ask something of you. Tomorrow when you go to church, say hello to someone you've never talked too before. I can't tell you how much means to have someone just say, "Hello." Our society today is very self focused and not so hot at reaching out. 
Introduce yourself and at least say "Hello." I promise it will mean a lot to that person.

On a fashion blogger note: I had to include this photo....
I do the strangest things with my feet...

I'm wearing: shirt-forever 21 $5//Shorts-Aeropostale $10//Shoes Skechers $?


  1. I really like the color of your shirt. Thank you for this post. I have some very dear friends who moved away a few months ago and they have been having trouble finding a church to attend. They said that they really miss the friendliness of our church (which they attended for about 23 years). I have been at our church for 27 years and everyone feels like family. <3 I hope you find a church that feels like family. The Lord be with you all. ~Lisa

  2. I love that necklace and it is good to see a post from you! I hope that you find the church God is calling you to!

  3. That shade of blue looks great on you! And what a blessing to find longer shorts (long shorts...!?).
    Wow, it sounds like you've gone through quite a change this year! Thank you for the reminder to say hello to people at church; my church is small and I already know a lot of the people there, but there are still a few that I don't greet. May you find some friendly people to worship and serve with soon! <3

  4. I know how you feel. Though my dad was never a pastor, I know how it feels to be heavily involved in a church then leaving to go somewhere else where no one knows you. It's kind of a humbling experience, but you also see how different others are in a bad way when you feel like barely anyone is reaching out and genuinely. Rob's dad used to be a pastor though. Although he was very young when he was actively preaching, so I don't think he quite feels the difference between always attending his dad's church then having to go someplace else. I've been finding that some churches are more genuine and welcoming that others. By genuine, I don't mean just trying to get you to keep attending their services or sign you up to be a member! :) You can tell when the people are genuine when they just want to get to know you more without putting pressure on you. Hope you soon feel welcome at the church you're attending!

    Haha, I do funny feet positions too! I like the shade of blue you have on your toes and tee!

    À LA MODEST - Replacing insecurities with inspiration!

  5. Love the necklace! It's hard to try to become part of a new community sometimes...good luck with finding your place!
    xo Kiki

  6. Nice hair :)
    Maria V.


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