What I Wear-Fresh Modesty Copycat And Wet Cement

If you follow me in Instagram, you already got a sneak peek of this outfit. Putting it together, I thought "This looks like something Olivia of Fresh Modesty would wear." So I guess this is my copycat Olivia outfit. 

I thank you all for your encouraging words last post. It really has been a crazy bezerk year! 
I'm happy to say that our visit to a local church Sunday was encouraging, it was nice to see a lot of young people at church. It sometimes seems like the younger generation is running out of church with no looking back. I was listening to a podcast sermon last week and the pastor referred to the young people of the church as "wet cement." I loved that analogy! But it's also a great reminder not to let the wrong kind of people out footprints and impressions in our "cement." 

  It's so weird right now, I feel like I'm in a totally different place, excited to see what God has in store for me. Life is a constant ebb and flow of different experiences, people and feelings. I know some 
people aren't too keen on change, but I find I rather like it. 

“Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different...” 
C.S. Lewis

I'm wearing: Royal blue cardigan $3.00 thrifted//polka dot tunic-$3 thrifted//ripped capris-$? 


  1. A Type 4 blogger! Love it! Just Pinned you. :)

  2. Cute top! I love polka dots.

  3. You are so pretty! I love your outfit.

  4. Aw, love it! The polka dots are adorable! :))

  5. love this outfit so cute

  6. That tunic and necklace are so cute!

  7. Adorable outfit, my friend! And seriously, your hair is fantastic ("fantastic" definitely said Christopher Eccleston style!). Thanks for sharing recent-life-happenings as well! Hope you are able to find a wonderful local church-body soon.



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