What I Wear-Autumn Fashion Event Day 2

Today is day 2 of Ashley's Autumn Fashion event.
This morning was on the cooler side, so I opted for a more Fall-ish look this time. I purchased this black blazer at Ross last month for $12.99 and it's the first time I've worn it. It fits beautifully and I'm pretty sure you're going to get sick of seeing this jacket. 

I'm experimenting with braids lately, which is fun. I actually braided my hair last night, then put it in a headband curl. Braids are one of those super easy hairstyles that look like I spent hours on my hair. (Reality is I spent five minutes while watching White Collar...) 

Do you have any braided hairstyles for me to try? 
I'm wearing-Black blazer-Ross $12.99//Bold Floral Print Tunic-Zulilly $10//Boots-Herbergers $35 


  1. Natasha, how is your hair always so gorgeous and perfect?! Seriously, the braid and curls combo is super pretty.
    I like your new blazer. I wear my black blazer to death in the colder months. It makes everything look so polished and preppy.

  2. This is so cute!! Your hair looks amazing!

  3. Pretty hairdo and classy blazer! :D

  4. Love the hair! The braid looks great and the curls are fabulous!

  5. Cute Natasha! I LOVE how you hair turned out!!

    the elder sister

  6. Been looking through your blog...beautiful pictures and outfits!!!! And I just did a post at my blog on using scarves in your's one of my favorite ways to do my hair now :)

  7. Yes, Natasha, I have a hairstyle you should try! :) It's a rope braid twisted in a bun... I did it on myself a few times and LOVED how it looks so complex and elegant. I saw it on Rapunzel's Resource ( last week!

    If you try this, please post pictures! And I love how you pulled off the headband look.

    In Christ,


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