What I Wear-Uh...Crocs?

I'm wearing-Pink cardigan-thrifted $3.00//Striped shirt-H&M $5//Black palazzo pants-Maurice's $7.50//Croc Ballet Flats-Famous footwear $20

This is the outfit I wore to church today. A mix of casual and comfy, yet classy. I absolutely adore this cardigan, mostly because the sleeves are super long. It's rare for me to find sleeves that are long enough, usually they're too short. 
I seriously tried like ten different shirts with these pants...not proud, just sayin...

The weather in Montana has been unseasonably warm lately, I'm bracing for a big WHAM! But so far...I'm still wearing sandals and short sleeves. It's gotten cooler, for sure. But usually by this time it's snowed a couple times and I'm stuck in boots. 

I have to talk about my shoes. They're...Crocs! What?! I know, insane right? These are actually my second pair of Croc shoes. I always assumed that Crocs were those dorky clunky ones, not cute. Till I found these, and a pair of sandals. They're insanely comfy! Unfortunately, as I'm getting older, cute goes out the window if the shoes aren't comfortable. I'm tired of wearing shoes that kill my feet, enter these lovelies. 

Have you ever worn Crocs? 


  1. Cute, simple outfit Natasha! What's funny is that I wore an outfit of the same colors today!
    And those are some of the best Crocs I've seen. ;) Comfort is good stuff.

  2. That cardigan is such a pretty color!
    I, too, have a hard time finding clothes with long enough sleeves. When I do find a sweater with long enough sleeves, it's like Christmas. :)

  3. YES! I WEAR CROCS!!! *ahem* :) They are so much more comfortable, plus you can hose them off if they get dirty. Just this year, I bought some glitter crocs! Eeeekkk! Princess shoes with country girl comfort. :)

  4. This looks so comfy. I have always loved those type of pants so relaxed and flowy. I love the color of the cardigan especially with that top. I can't believe those are crocs I never seen them make stuff like that before that's awesome.

  5. Cute outfit! Palazzo pants are definitely the way to go when you just don't feel like wearing a skirt to church. Your Crocs are so nice looking! I would not have guessed that they were Crocs if you hadn't said so!

  6. So funny! I felt the same way about Crocs until my mom bought me Crocs in wedges! Incredible. I even blogged about it waaay back when (5 years ago):

    Those flats and pants are very cute together!

  7. Hi! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Read more on my blog at and pass this fun award along! Keep up the good blogging work!

  8. I have never worn any crocs in my life!
    When I look at them I always think they're uncomfertable :O


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